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Defaulting to the Gutenberg Classic Editor – Fixing Gutenbergs Paragraphs

I have noticed one of the most frequent complaints about Gutenberg is the fact that paragraphs are treated as individual blocks. This disrupts the writing flow and makes normal text operations more cumbersome.

I was thinking about this the other day and remembered that it’s possible to change the default blocks on a per post type basis. So it’s relatively straightforward to set the classic editor block as the default block for blog posts; instead of paragraph blocks (as they are now). This means that when you write a post pressing enter will create a new line (or line break) rather than a new paragraph.

The code is super simple too – I have added it below. You can view the original Gist on Github. You can also download a zip of the Gist and install it as a plugin.

I appreciate that this isn’t a perfect solution – but for some it may help ease the transition into a block based interface.

Personally I have moved over to using Gutenberg full time and, whilst Gutenberg still has a few quirks, am pretty happy with the new setup and the extra flexibility it offers.

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One thought on “Defaulting to the Gutenberg Classic Editor – Fixing Gutenbergs Paragraphs Leave a comment

  1. Nice, simple code. Thanks!
    Though I think there is `$args` missing in the first `return`. Line `23` should probably be:
    if ( ‘post’ !== $post_type ) {
    return $args;

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