Time in Istanbul

I’m a lucky person. Last year work took me to Estonia for our Christmas do. This year it was Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunately I have been really busy these last few weeks so this post is a little delayed. We had a couple of great guides in the form of a colleague (and all round great […]

Time in France

A couple of weeks ago I took my girlfriend to Paris for a long weekend away. I would have written about it earlier but two days after returning I went to Turkey (Istanbul) for my Christmas party with work, so I haven’t had a chance until now. Anyway, it was Jo’s (my girlfriends) birthday so […]

Malaysia – Taman Negara

After the east coast we headed back to central Malaysia and Taman Negara. Taman Negara is Malaysia’s premiere National Park, and the largest rain forest in Malaysia covering 4343 square kilometers. In our time in Taman Negara we went on a night walk in the jungle, walked through the treetops in a canopy walk, raced […]

Malaysia – The East Coast

After the coolness of the Highlands we went over to the East coast for some more sea based action. We spent a day traveling from the highlands down to the coast, and stayed in a small place in Marang (or was it Merang?) and then took another day to travel down to Cherating where we […]

Malaysia – Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands (I really like their website) are the highest place in mainland Malaysia, so are also the coolest. Because of the cooler climate they grow a wide variety of fruit and veg (many strawberry’s) in the Highlands. They also have vast tea plantations that are spread over some very steep hills (erm… mountains). […]

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor

The reason I went to Malaysia is because my Aunt and Uncle are teachers at a college over there. They have been living in Malaysia for 3 or 4 years now and will likely stay there for at least a couple more. When they came home last Christmas they asked my brother (Joe) and I […]

I am back from Malaysia

I got back from Malaysia on the 31st of October and have spent the last two days recovering. I had a great time in a lovely country and will be writing up my thoughts, and posting some of my many photos, over the next week or so. For now I am trying to catch up […]

I am on holiday in Malaysia

The reason for the lack of posts these last few days (you hadn’t even noticed had you – go on, admit it?) is that I am currently on holiday in Malaysia. As of today I will be off trekking through various remote places in Malaysia so won’t be accessible via this website, or my email, […]

Miniclip wins Webby Award – I get to go to New York

A couple of weeks ago I was taken to New York for the 10th annual Webby Awards. Miniclip, the company I work for, had won the peoples voice award for gaming and the boss was kind enough to invite me (and a couple of others) along to the ceremony (thanks a lot Rob). We flew […]

My first Hookah (aka what I did in Estonia)

Last weekend I went to Estonia. I haven’t travelled much so it was nice to get away for once, and when work is paying for everything (thanks work, I really enjoyed it) – I’d be silly to say no. A photo of most of the people who went – I’m the one with the glowing […]