Building Elemental 2: Getting Started

As I mentioned in February I had a conundrum – I wasn’t sure how to make changes to my theme Elemental without breaking peoples sites. Thankfully the people who read my site are super clever and suggested I create a version 2 and so, over the last month or so, that’s exactly what I have […]

Art Direction

I have recently published my first ‘Art Directed’ posts on Binary Moon – namely my reviews for the movies Coraline and Up. Ever since I saw Jason Santa Marias art directed site the idea has brewed in my head that I would do something similar, so when I redesigned I kept that wish in the […]

Elemental WordPress Theme Released

Shortly before I went on holiday last week Darren and I released the Elemental WordPress theme on Pro Theme Design. The theme has been a labour of love. It is the most comprehensive and advanced theme I can make, and will form the backbone of all my future themes. Elemental is a WordPress Theme Framework, […]

Binary Moon WordPress design vIII

As I briefly mentioned on Monday, I have finally redesigned Binary Moon. I actually started redesigning about 2 years ago. Initially it was going to be an update rather than a totally new look, and I even built most of it, but I just wasn’t entirely happy. Then last year I started building what would […]

Binary Moon version III – now live!

This is a very quick post, purely to say that the new Binary Moon design is now live (so click on through if you’re in a feed reader). I will do a proper write up next week, pointing out some of the many new features and different things I have done. There’s been a lot […]