Regulus 2.2.1 update

I said before that Regulus is now complete, and it is, but from time to time there will likely be bug fixes… as there is now. This release fixes the following (from changes.txt) fixed “logout” problem on comment form fixed localization error with sub pages fixed sub pages not showing … Continue Reading Regulus 2.2.1 update

Regulus 2.0

Regulus has been far more popular than I ever imagined it would be. So popular, in fact, that I have already created version 2.0 Changes Version 2.0 has been created specifically for WordPress version 2.0 (hence the name change) and features a number of new features. From the outside it … Continue Reading Regulus 2.0

Regulus in use

No file update yet, but I thought I’d make a post on the way Regulus has been used around the place. The big news, at least for me, is that Regulus is now one of the themes on Regulus has also been used on a more than a handful … Continue Reading Regulus in use