Regulus 2.2.1 update

I said before that Regulus is now complete, and it is, but from time to time there will likely be bug fixes… as there is now. This release fixes the following (from changes.txt) fixed “logout” problem on comment form fixed localization error with sub pages fixed sub pages not showing page menu You can grab […]

Regulus 2.2 – now with translations

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago I have been workng on an update to Regulus. There are only a couple of small changes to the main Regulus file. The big change is the addition of translations. German translation by Ralph Inselsbacher Italian translation by Lucacicca Swedish translation by Sven Holmström French translation by Stephane […]

Regulus WordPress Theme in your language!

I said in my last post about Regulus that it would be the last version of the theme released. As far as I was concerned it was complete. Since then a few small things have cropped up and these will be fixed in a future release. More interestingly I was contacted by Ralph Inselsbacher who […]

Regulus – WordPress Theme version 2.1.2

A small update with a few new features. The reason for this post, rather than updating the last post, is that I now consider Regulus complete. Barring any show stopping bugs there will be no new updates to Regulus, it’s time to more on. The change log since the last release is (this includes the […]

Regulus – WordPress Theme version 2.1

It’s been a while since I updated Regulus but with the recent release of widgets I had to do something. The success of Regulus has gone beyond my wildest expectations, and I really appreciate all the support and feedback I have been given. The update There are a whole slew of new things added to […]

Regulus 2.0

Regulus has been far more popular than I ever imagined it would be. So popular, in fact, that I have already created version 2.0 Changes Version 2.0 has been created specifically for WordPress version 2.0 (hence the name change) and features a number of new features. From the outside it looks the same, with the […]

Regulus in use

No file update yet, but I thought I’d make a post on the way Regulus has been used around the place. The big news, at least for me, is that Regulus is now one of the themes on Regulus has also been used on a more than a handful of sites around the world […]

Regulus – Now Available on

I turned on my computer yesterday to find that Matt, the lead developer on wordpress (the software used to run this site) had left a comment saying that Regulus was now in use on Naturally the first thing I did was head over there to check it out and my blog now sports […]

Regulus – New WordPress Theme released

Regulus has it’s own theme page here Towards the end of the Bubble Blitz developement I started work on my first WordPress theme. The making of it kind of stopped and started for quite a while since there were things I wanted to do that I couldn’t. The idea behind the theme was to create […]