A couple of years ago I bought my first house. My wife and I have spent the time since renovating it – our original goal was to renovate it in 3 months. 18 months later and we’re still going. Apart […]

I really like my iPad, I only got it last year so it’s still new to me, but I use it all the time. My biggest complaint is that it’s quite heavy (it’s not an iPad Mini) and so I’ve […]

The way we watch television is changing. There’s a lot of talk about the multi screen experience – watching tv from your sofa while surfing the Internet on your iPad/ laptop. And television broadcasting companies are noticing. They’re also noticing […]

Not entirely sure how this happened but I was recently invited to be an Xbox 360 ambassador. What does this mean? Well I have been asked to write a couple of blog posts and post some tweets about Xbox. The […]

A couple of years ago Sumo sent me a Sumo Omni bean bag to review. It was fantastic for relaxing on, in particular for sitting around and playing video games or watching movies. But now its time for something new. […]


As post apocalyptic movies go, things don’t get much more apocalyptic than they do in the movie 9. In a post war-time, when the only things left are some golems made by an old man, and a bunch of distinctly […]

March Movie Madness

I watched loads of films last month. Most aren’t worth mentioning – but below are some short reviews of the ones I enjoyed the most. Hellboy 2 Call me weird but the original Hellboy is one of my favorite films. […]

Recently I have been getting back into watching movies. I have a whole stack of them to catch up on and I am now finally reducing the stack. 3 of the films I watched in February were, Kung Fu Panda, The Invention of Lying, and The Soloist. Read the article for mini reviews of each.

WordPress MU 2.8: Beginner’s Guide surprised me positively. To be honest, I did hesitate before accepting a review copy from the publishers as I fully expected it to be “just” a beginner’s guide to WordPress mu (the multi user version […]

If I am totally honest there aren’t many computer books that I actually find useful, they’re generally for beginners or full of information you can get online for the low-cost of a Google search or two. That’s why I like […]


Coraline is a stop motion animated movie directed by the same Director as The Nightmare Before Christmas, which meant I instantly assumed that the Director was Tim Burton, and after watching the movie my opinion hadn’t changed. Coraline is a […]