6 reasons why Lego is the best toy ever!

I have recently been looking into Lego for a project I am working on, and have come to realise that I still really really like it. Despite being 28 Lego still has the same sense of fun it had when I was 5 and I got to thinking about why.

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Below are some of the reasons why I think Lego is such an awesome form of entertainment.

1. Appeals to young and old alike

As I mentioned above, I still really like Lego. Perhaps it’s because I am more technically minded (geeky) but Lego still appeals to me. Admittedly my main interest now is the “more grown up” Lego Technic, but I still like the traditional sets just as much – there’s something about building Star Wars vehicles that makes the geek inside cry out in joy; whoever thought of combining Star Wars with Lego deserves a medal!

2. Encourages Creativity

This is something I feel quite strongly about. Being a very creative person (ie I like to make stuff) I have had many many hours of fun making new things with Lego. I tend not to do that so much anymore but I am still amazed by some of the things that are made, and these people clearly didn’t follow the instructions in a set…

For example I recently mentioned a couple of robots that were made with Lego – namely Johnny 5 and Wall-E

3. 1 purchase = years of fun

Lego is immensely versatile. Buy a single set and you will be able to make stacks of different models. Where one day you are making a castle, the next you can make a space station, and then take things apart and start all over again.

On a similar note Lego doesn’t age. The sets I had when I was young are still perfectly good and can be added to newer sets seamlessly. Perfect for people stuck in the current credit crunch – and green as well – you can recycle your old Lego for generations!

4. Educational

Harry and Quirrel Lego PhotoLego is educational; it teaches simple mechanics (in particular with Lego Technic) and, as I mentioned above, encourages creativity. If you get Lego Mindstorms then it becomes even more educational teaching very basic robotics and programming. All things any geek would love to know, or encourage their children to learn.

If you don’t believe it’s educational then check out this lego production line that creates toy cars to order.

5. Accessible to everyone

Lego is accessible to anyone and everyone. Anybody can pick up a Lego brick and stick it to another Lego brick. 99% of people can follow Lego instructions, which is good training for Ikea when they grow up. That said to be able design your own models and have them reach as high a standard as the sets you buy takes a lot of time to learn (I bet this aircraft carrier took a while to work out).

Easy to learn, hard to master.

6. Brings the family together

I suspect that this one is mostly for the Dad’s out there but buying, and playing with, Lego is very much a family activity. Being able to buy a toy like this and then build it together is great fun – I remember doing this sort of thing with my own father, and hope I can do the same when I have a family of my own.

Harry Potter Lego Castle

Opinions? Is Lego the best toy ever?

I asked a few of my friends for their opinions about the awesomeness that is Lego and this is what I got back…

Are there any reasons it’s awesome that I’ve missed? What are your thoughts about Lego?

Was it good/ useful/ a load of old rubbish? Let me know on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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