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About Ben Gillbanks

My name is Ben Gillbanks, and I am a WordPress developer, web designer, and part-time Entrepreneur. I was formerly the Director of Web Development at and now I run Pro Theme Design, a premium WordPress themes store, as my full time job.

About Me

I was born in 1980 in the South East of England – I have since moved to the South West of England where I live with my wonderful wife. At university I studied Digital Arts with Multi Media computing and somehow I finished with a first class honours degree. My original goal was to be a 3d artist but university introduced me to web design and I haven’t looked back since.


I am probably best known for my WordPress themes and WordPress development. Some of my biggest accomplishments include:

  • The WordPress theme Regulus. The first theme to have a theme control panel, and one of the most popular themes on
  • The WordPress theme Mimbo Pro. A collaboration with well-known designer Darren Hoyt, Mimbo Pro was a pioneer in its space and birthed the image resize script TimThumb
  • TimThumb image resizer. Technically this script isn’t specific to WordPress but it is now used by hundreds of thousands of people world-wide to resize images on their websites.

I also like to write about WordPress here on Binary Moon. Some of my more popular posts include:

My Websites

I have set up a few websites in my time. You can see a full list of them on, my most popular are:

  • Binary Moon – this site here. This is my biggest website and the one that gets the most visitors. It’s almost my favourite and is a testing ground for new features and functionality.
  • Pro Theme Design. Pro Theme Design is a Premium WordPress Themes site and is where you can buy the previously mentioned Mimbo Pro theme, along with a whole bunch of other themes such as the WordPress theme framework, Elemental, that powers this website.
  • WPVote. WPVote, or WordPress Vote, is a social voting website that allows you to submit your WordPress related articles to be voted upon by your peers. It also spawned a WordPress theme called Nominate.

Keep in touch

I have accounts on most social networks, below are the ones I am actually active on.

You can use my contact page to send me your messages. Theme Support

If you want help with a theme purchase then please contact me by posting in the appropriate forum on the premium theme forums.