About Ben Gillbanks

My name is Ben Gillbanks, and I am a WordPress developer, web designer, and part-time Entrepreneur. I was formerly the Director of Web Development at Miniclip.com (2004 – 2015) and now I run Brush Ninja, a suite of browser based creative tools.

About Me

I was born in 1980 in the South East of England – I have since moved to the South West of England where I live with my wonderful wife. At university I studied Digital Arts with Multimedia computing and I graduated with a first class honours degree.

My original goal was to be a 3d artist but university introduced me to web design and I haven’t looked back since.

My Other Websites

I have set up quite a few websites in my time. You can see a full list of them on bengillbanks.co.uk, my most popular are:

Brush Ninja - A suite of creative tools, include an online animation tool.
Ninja Puzzles - Free printable puzzles such as Sudoku, Word Searches, and Mazes.
Binary Joy - A website for geek news in plain english.
Photo Edit Tools - A suite of online photo editing tools.
Swap Create - A website for creative people to find alternatives to Adobe apps.
WP Briefs - A weekday newsletter about WordPress.
Binary Sun - A browser based games website.
Pro Theme Design - My WordPress theme business.

Keep in touch

I have accounts on most social networks, below are the ones I am actually active on.

You can also use my contact page to send me your messages.