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WordPress Themes

  • Elemental – A WordPress theme framework that makes anything possible. Binary Moon runs on Elemental (eat your own dog food and all that)
  • Elemental Hub – Essentially a development diary, showing the new features and improvements to my theme Framework.
  • Nominate – A Social Voting WordPress theme based upon the code that runs
  • The Local – The first Hyperlocal WordPress theme on the market
  • Accumulo – A WordPress RSS aggregation theme, similar in style to or PopUrls.
  • Mimbo Pro – My first premium WordPress theme.
  • Regulus – my first WordPress theme.

WordPress Plugins

  • TimThumb – It’s not technically a plugin, and it doesn’t require WordPress, but it’s almost become synonymous with WordPress so I am adding it to this section anyway. TimThumb is an image resize script.
  • BM Tweet This – a plugin for adding the official Twitter Tweet button to your website.
  • bm-custom-login – Binary Moon custom login screen plugin
  • bm-shots – Binary Moon automated website screenshots
  • bm-trackPing – Binary Moon trackback, pingback Comment splitter (trackPing is a much nicer name I think)
  • bm-comment-highlight – Binary Moon comment highlight plugin (no longer needed for WordPress 2.7+)
  • bm-admin-tweaks – Tweaks and improvements for the WordPress administration panel (no longer needed for WordPress 2.7+)
  • bm-top-link – animated JavaScript “back to top” button

Web Design

The sites below are all ones I have created in my time as a web designer. There are a few others but I’ve been… erm… selective with my choices. Some of the older ones are too horrific to show. Please note that whilst a number of these were created as freelance projects I no longer do freelance work.


  • EbayEd – Ebay Image Editor
  • ExGen – Special Effects generator