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Hi, I’m Ben, I make things with a computer!

I am an avid creative, constantly making things with my trusty Mac. I am currently focused on Brush Ninja, but I also run WP Briefs, and Binary Sun, and a bunch of other projects.

Formerly the Director of Web Development at I have been working online since the late 90’s and have no plans to stop.



09 Nov 2023

A Manifesto for Progressive Software Development

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I develop projects and what makes my projects uniquely mine. As of November 2023, I have four sites that I am actively working on: Binary Moon, Brush Ninja, Ninja Puzzles, and WPBriefs. Despite...
28 Oct 2023

Optimizing Code With ChatGPT

As a solo developer, I often find myself seeking ways to optimize my code without the luxury of pair programming. That’s where ChatGPT comes in handy. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience of using ChatGPT to improve the...
24 Oct 2023

Boring Technology is Beautiful

I recently made ElementalCSS, my CSS framework/library, public. I created a website and added it to a Github repository. It was an exciting step for me as a developer, and I was thrilled to see people taking an interest in...
21 Oct 2023

Creating Jekyll Plugins (and modern image formats)

When I first started in web design (in the late 90’s), there was a lot of emphasis on learning about file formats, file naming conventions, and other technical aspects that don’t seem to be talked about these days. It’s easy...
05 Oct 2023

Polishing and releasing my Reef.js game

Last week, I took on the challenge of creating a country flags game for Brush Ninja using Reef.js. It was an interesting project, and I shared my process in the blog post. Today, I am pleased to announce that the...
28 Sep 2023

Using Reef.js to Make a Country Flag Game

When I build things for the web, I prefer using vanilla JavaScript as much as possible. However, for more complex projects, I also like to use Reef.js. The Brush Ninja animated gif maker is built with Reef.js, as are the...


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