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  1. I’m trying this method but it doesn’t work. I think old posts doesn’t affected. I don’t created any new post after adding this code snippet to my functions.php file.

    1. If you use feedburner or some other similar service then it will take a little while for the feeds to update, but they will update eventually.

      1. I’m looking through blogaddress.com/feed/ not Feedburner. Also i don’t using any plugin for redirecting feed to Feedburner.

        By the way i’m using Wp 2.9.1.

  2. Hi Ben, i know this is off topic
    but could you make like a digg button for wpvote?

    so i can add like a “digg my post” or “tweet my post”
    in my site. I’m sure that it will be awesome if you could do that.
    it will put more interaction to the user

    If there’s already a feature like this in wpvote,
    i look everywhere for it but couldn’t find it


    1. Hi Dian. This is on my todo list, but it’s a complex feature to develop and I am currently not entirely sure how to do it… but I do have some ideas πŸ™‚

  3. Ben,

    This code will work with WordPress Feeds, but when exporting to Feedburner, it will fail. I was doing a similar thing on a client’s site and it was not working. Then I used Joost’s plugin for guidance to see what he was doing.

    You would actually have to add it to the content of the RSS feeds.

    Did a whole write up How to Manipulate Your WordPress RSS Feeds

  4. Hey, thanks for the tutorial. It worked perfectly. Had a quick question though – after I get the extra content to load into the RSS Feed (for example if I’m viewing it in Safari), when I actually embed the RSS Feed on a website, that extra info goes away. Do you have any idea why that would happen? It’s been about 4 days as well – and I’ve tried clearing my cache several times. Thanks!

  5. I’m late to this party but I plan to use this trick to auto generate the content of the post based on content from custom fields. Hopefully it works as envisioned. πŸ˜‰

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