Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle

Anyone who knows me knows that I love some Zelda action. So I’m in love with this trailer for a new Zelda game..?

The Lost Oracle is what every fan wants and, unfortunately, not something we’re likely to see. The trailer was created by Joel Furtado – ‘just for fun’.

The animation has all the Zelda trademarks, including the sound effects and music, and fans of the series will recognise the enemies and environments as well – but it all feels very fresh and would make a great style for a game.

The animation was clearly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – but still has it’s own style which makes it all sorts of awesome. He even teases with a Wii-U logo at the end. If only!

I must admit – I posted this on Binary Joy as well – I love Zelda that much! 🙂

Let me know what you think on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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