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  2. Great little application. Can I request some simple additions? Firstly, being able to drag/drop images onto the application to open them would be great, and secondly to set the default ‘save’ filename to the current filename (to easily overwrite the original with the new slimline cropped version)

    I’ve been looking for a simple application like this for ages. If only you could choose a filesize ‘limit’ to constrain the saved JPG to (such as 100kb), and it would resize/resample the photo automatically…

    Nice work šŸ™‚

  3. Having just installed it i have had to uninstall it as every time i tried to open an image there was none there, when i know there is, also it kept shutting down on me”having encountered problems or some such” am i doing summat wrong or has it been bugged?

  4. Dexi – Sorry it doesn’t work for you. I am afraid I have no idea what to suggest as it works just fine for me, on both XP and Vista (and I have just tested the download so know it is so)

  5. Hi Ben,

    I have been using your program for a few months on two different computers, both running Windows XP. I works great! I love it. It saves so much time and messing around. I’ve never had a problem with it ever, and thank you so much for making this nifty application available to the world for free! YOU ROCK!

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