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TimThumb is no longer supported or maintained.
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It was recently pointed out to me that there’s no single place to get a list of all the TimThumb parameters so I thought I would put together a page explaining them, and link to the relevant tutorials/ explanations.

TimThumb Parameters

  stands for values What it does
src source url to image Tells TimThumb which image to resize › TimThumb basic properties tutorial
w width the width to resize to Remove the width to scale proportionally (will then need the height) › TimThumb width tutorial
h height the height to resize to Remove the height to scale proportionally (will then need the width) › TimThumb height tutorial
q quality 0 – 100 Compression quality. The higher the number the nicer the image will look. I wouldn’t recommend going any higher than about 95 else the image will get too large › TimThumb image quality tutorial
a alignment c, t, l, r, b, tl, tr, bl, br Crop alignment. c = center, t = top, b = bottom, r = right, l = left. The positions can be joined to create diagonal positions › TimThumb crop position tutorial
zc zoom / crop 0, 1, 2, 3 Change the cropping and scaling settings › TimThumb crop scaling tutorial
f filters too many to mention Let’s you apply image filters to change the resized picture. For instance you can change brightness/ contrast or even blur the image › TimThumb image filter tutorial
s sharpen   Apply a sharpen filter to the image, makes scaled down images look a little crisper › tutorial
cc canvas colour hexadecimal colour value (#ffffff) Change background colour. Most used when changing the zoom and crop settings, which in turn can add borders to the image.
ct canvas transparency true (1) Use transparency and ignore background colour

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