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  1. The running portion I thought was really funny, think the running man with a repeating background. I was really stoked to see a villian killing the hostages for no reason, even though they proved to be someone different. You just don’t see enough really evil bad guys anymore.

  2. I didn’t mention the bad guy. Doh!

    I quite liked him actually. He seemed a bit too much like a geek (maybe just his looks?) but he could also be surprisingly intimidating. He was definitely evil and the start of the film was very good because of it.

  3. I have not had a chance to see it yet as I understand there is alot of snake activity and I want to be able to skip that and in order to do that I have to be in control of the playback (IE rent it when it comes out) It looks awesome though. I really liked Mission Impossible II so I think III should be interesting, movies rarely work when there are multiple sequels made, at least thats how I understand it. Just look at Home Alone III .. Just my 2 cents. BTW.. Great blog!

  4. Sebastian – you will be pleased to hear this is in a different league to Home Alone 3 🙂

    MI3 isn’t a bad film, but I didn’t think it felt like a Mission Impossible film either.

    I’m not sure what you mean by snake activity though?

  5. As I understood it MI III has a snake as a major antagonist.. someone mentioned it to me in my internet travels, if it is not true then I am happy to see the movie in the theatre…

  6. Tom Cruise in insanally in shape. Action was sometimes great, sometimes just ok.

    But this film is so much about self promotion. Why is the movie so about one character (Ethan), if MI is supposed to be a team ? Is is me or Cruise has the camera sticked on his b_tt movie long?

  7. Watching Tom run is practically inspiring. He put on a great performance — both acting and athletic — in Minority Report, one of my favorite movies.

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