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  1. The reason some people continue to use Medium is the very reasons you “complained” about WordPress (self-hosted or not). It supports only one form of the post via a simple interface.

    The minute the customer decides they want to have a menu of pages + post and a choice of layouts, etc., that customer has agreed to use more mental energy. They have to decide on a theme, a design, organisation of content, etc. There is no way around that.

    It’s like photography. It pushed a button on your smartphone is too limiting, and you decide to buy an interchangeable lens camera, then you have also agreed that you are embracing the cognitive load of ISO, aperture, lens choice, shutter speed, etc.

    I found your comparison bewildering.

    I prefer having control over publishing. I have used self-hosted WordPress as a platform since 2005. Yes, there is a lot to learn. But I understand that as the price for having 100% control.

    I am not a fan of Medium. It’s a leased service; a rental as opposed to owning. You never have control when you rent.

    1. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough – but you seem to have missed the point of my post.

      Your comment confirms what I was saying.

      Medium is not good, you have no control over what they do with your content/ site. For those who like Medium, WordPress is not a suitable replacement.

      Nowhere did I say WordPress was unsuitable for everyone.

    1. Thanks for the comment – I’d forgotten all about Svbtle. That is a nice alternative. And they have a business model baked in. Presumably the required payments are the reason it’s not as big as Medium, but it’s also the reason it’s still going and is a nice user experience.

  2. I’d never use Medium to publish my personal blog stuff but I paid my subscription to Medium to read everybody else. It’s the aggregated material that makes it an interesting place to find new, sometimes stimulating writing. A lone blogger voice doesn’t have that reach. I often quote the late Dana Atchley who tells a story of a 70 year old he interviewed on the road, “I asked him if he had any good advice for us. He said ‘Stick and stay, you’ll make it pay. People like to go where other people is, not where they ain’t.’
    (Then with a smile he pastes in the URL https://www.whileiremember.it/a-story-about-dana-atchley-2/ )

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