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Why we see what isn't there

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Author Richard Wiseman

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In “Paranormality,” author Richard Wiseman explores the fascinating world of paranormal phenomena, providing readers with a scientific and skeptical perspective. The book aims to demystify supernatural experiences by explaining the psychological tricks and cognitive biases that often underlie such occurrences. Wiseman takes readers on an engaging journey, uncovering the truth behind ghost sightings, mind reading, psychic abilities, and more.

Key Points

  • Challenging Assumptions: Wiseman encourages readers to question their preconceived notions about the paranormal. He presents compelling evidence that many supernatural experiences can be explained through natural causes or human perception.
  • The Power of Suggestion: Throughout the book, Wiseman explores how suggestion plays a crucial role in creating paranormal experiences. He delves into experiments that demonstrate how individuals can be easily influenced to believe in ghosts or psychic abilities.
  • The Science Behind Illusions: By investigating magic tricks and illusions, Wiseman reveals how magicians exploit our cognitive vulnerabilities to create seemingly impossible feats. This sheds light on why some people may interpret such performances as proof of supernatural powers.
  • Exploring Psychic Phenomena: Wiseman examines various psychic claims and provides scientific explanations for apparent telepathy or clairvoyance. He emphasizes the importance of critical thinking when evaluating these extraordinary assertions.
  • Haunted Houses and Ghostly Apparitions: Addressing one of the most popular aspects of the paranormal, Wiseman explores haunted houses and ghost sightings from a rational standpoint. He reveals common psychological factors that contribute to these eerie experiences.

About the Author

Richard Wiseman is a renowned psychologist known for his research on psychology’s quirky aspects. As a professor at the University of Hertfordshire, he has dedicated his career to studying human behavior and exploring topics related to perception, illusion, and belief systems. In “Paranormality,” he combines his expertise in psychology with his fascination for the paranormal, providing readers with an engaging and enlightening perspective on supernatural phenomena. Wiseman has authored several other books and is a regular contributor to television programs exploring psychology and magic.

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