Firefox Extensions I Can't Live Without v2

Back in 2007, I wrote a blog post about my favorite Firefox extensions that I used all the time. However, over the years, my browsing habits changed, and I eventually switched to Chrome. But now, I’m back to using Firefox again for a couple of reasons.

One major reason for my switch back to Firefox is concerns about privacy and the Google monopoly. While Chrome offers a seamless browsing experience, it’s no secret that Google collects vast amounts of data about its users. As someone who values their online privacy, this was a significant factor in my decision to return to Firefox.

So; here’s an updated list of the Firefox extensions that I use most often:

uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger

The first two extensions on my list are uBlock and Privacy Badger. These extensions work together to enhance my online privacy and protect against unwanted ads and trackers. uBlock blocks annoying ads while also offering advanced filtering options. Privacy Badger detects and blocks third-party trackers that invade your privacy without your consent.

Ecosia for Web Search (Google Replacement)

Next up is Ecosia, an extension that serves as an alternative search engine to Google. Ecosia uses its ad revenue to plant trees around the world. The search is powered by Bing and in most instances does what I need. By simply searching the web with Ecosia instead of Google, you can contribute to reforestation efforts globally without any extra effort or cost.


Since Twitter is slowly falling apart I am moving back towards RSS and newsletters. RSSPreview allows you to preview the content of RSS feeds directly within your browser. To read the articles I use NetNewsWire - which is an open source feed reader for Mac and iOS.

Video Speed Controller

Video Speed Controller is a fantastic extension if you frequently watch videos online. It enables you to control the playback speed of videos, allowing you to watch them at a faster or slower pace. This feature comes in handy for educational content, tutorials, and even entertainment videos when you want to skim through or focus on specific sections. I often watch tutorial videos at 2x speed (and above) to save time.


Mastodon is a social media platform that offers an alternative to mainstream networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Mastodon extension adds a few extra features that make Mastodon easier to use. For example following accounts across servers can be awkward, and this extension makes it much simpler.

Firefox Translations

Lastly, Firefox Translations is an extension that makes it easy to translate web pages into different languages. This feature is built into Chrome, but that uses Google Translate. This extension is made by Mozilla and brings the same feature to Firefox. The big difference is that the translations are done locally, right within Firefox, and without contacting third party services.

Was it good/ useful/ a load of old rubbish? Let me know on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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