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  1. “Originally I wanted to call it Moo-duku but it was decided that was just silly.”

    Still, I’m not sure if I would have had the willpower to turn it down:)

    “My favourite game so far, based on a game by another developer”


    BTW, nice post. It’s good to find out what people do for their day job especially when it’s as cool as yours.

  2. The Moo-duku thing was decided against because we were concerned the users would get confused, also it would be much less likely to show up on search engines. We’re on the first page of Google for Sudoku so it looks like they were right – I must admit I was rather proud of that name.

    As for TonyPa coding Dr Carter… it might’ve been πŸ˜€

    And thanks to your comment I now know blockquotes don’t work in comments πŸ™

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  6. Kyle – we bought the song specially for the game. they’re not available for general purchase. Sorry.

  7. hello,
    i’m not going to purchase the song but just wanted to know its name. i’ll be happy if you can tell it. thanks.

  8. Great blogging. Do you know there is a big demand to bring back snooker on miniclip. On youtube their is a petition gathering pace. I have not signed up to it yet. Multiplayer pool is fantastic. You should write an article about how that game was put together to raise the bar for developers in general. It has inspired me to get into game production as a hobby. Is their a resource you can point one towards for building games for miniclip.

    1. Hi – we’re trying to perfect Multiplayer pool at the moment. There’s still lots of things we’re working on to improve that. Once it’s complete we will most likely use the same engine on other games of a similar type (9 ball pool, snooker etc)

  9. Hi, I am just commenting to reiterate Jonus’ comment concerning Miniclip Snooker. I enjoyed the game hugely when it was first about (I did and still do consider it the best snooker simulator, having played all of the official games and online games). Since 8 ball Multiplayer came about, I have spent a huge amount of time playing on it. It is another superb simulator but, for me, the Snooker one tops it. I would be so thrilled if this game returned and, as you were talking about using the pool engine on other games, could you say anything about whether this plan is any further down the line towards being a reality? I have no doubt that Snooker would be one of the greatest game revivals ever!
    Keep up the great work

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    1. Hi Joe – I’m afraid I have no idea what the song is. It’s been 13 years since I worked on that, and I no-longer work at Miniclip so can’t check the source code.

      We purchased a lot of music from SoundDogs.com so it’s very possible the song was on there, but it’s not guaranteed.

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