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  1. I have a MacBook – I can get into miniclip and load a game (eg snooker) and log in with name and password. I then select the “room” I want to play in….. nothing! I just get a static message about Multiplayer launcher and that is it. Any ideas? I miss my daily fix!

  2. Hi Mark

    Firstly – I’m a webdesigner – I don’t do support, especially not on my personal blog, and secondly – the game you are playing is actually not part of miniclip.com. The tournaments games are run by a separate company so you should contact them to get help with this problem. The easiest way to do this is to use their forum which can be found on the menu at the top of the tournaments pages.

  3. I use Mozilla Firefox and would like to get the Miniclip toolbar. Please can you make a version of it that works with Firefox, as its a great web browser and Miniclip is a great games site.

  4. I use Mozilla Firefox and would like to get the Miniclip toolbar. Please make a version of it so that it works with Firefox, as its a great web browser and Miniclip is a great games site, for children as well as older one’s.

  5. Why did they remove snooker and pool multi-player games, mate? The latter were written very, very well. I cannot find something good like that!

    1. Unfortunately snooker and Pool were removed because the contract with the company that supplied them ended. I have tried to look up the company that supplied the games and it seems they have now closed down. The only reference I could find online was for a website that says it will be online in November last year

      1. Hello Ben,

        can you please let me know the website address you mentioned finding or the address of the company that owned the old pool and snooker games on miniclip? i think it was the best game on the net as far as graphics and ease of use was concerned and nothing miniclip has now comes even close to it, i think miniclip should dig deep into its pockets and return this popular game, i for one would’nt mind paying for it if money was the only reason it was dropped, lets get a petition together everyone, bring back our old pool and snooker!!!!!

      2. As I mentioned, the company that published the game has now closed, so we can’t buy it back I’m afraid. However 8 ball quick fire pool was made by the same team and is a pretty close representation of the version we had before.

      3. Hello again Ben,

        I have played the pool game on miniclip and I have to say if you had played the old java version there is no way you would say it compared to miniclips latest offering, the only thing it has in common is a rectangular table and round balls, the old games were smooth running and the balls ran in a realistic motion, even the spin on the cue ball was far superior to what is on offer now, the present pool is boring having to play against yourself.

        Surely you must know a guy who knows a guy that has the software stored on a disk and talk him into putting this game back online, or let me have his contact number and I will make him an offer on the rights to it?

        Every pool game thats on offer on the web at the moment doesn’t even come close to the old pool and snooker games from the past, I think if it was brought back people would be glad to pay as they will now have realised how good this game really was.

        Please do some digging for us Ben, if you get control of the software you could make a killing if you put it back online.

        Regards 8ballmaestro

  6. Thank you for your reply, Ben. They were written on Java very smoothly and professionally as far as I remember. I am amazed they’ve disappeared.

    May God reward you for your work.

  7. Yeah but they are not the same , Snooker game was the best , has any1 found where to play yet?? What was the company name , they dont have a site?

  8. Hi Ben,
    yes but it sure doesnt come close , so i sign the petition! 🙂
    i mean , u dont have an opponent, no real point system , snooker was the bomb , im willing to pay too

  9. It is complete madness that the snooker game has been wiped from the net. I mean. . . what on earth were they thinking!!! The physics, aesthetics, playability and over all feel of the game was second to none. Surely some bright spark would’ve seen sense by now and created a standalone website for it, gear it towards the European market and maybe allow for betting. Paying to play the game is a nonsense (as someone suggested above) – you’ll only attract the old players who already know of it’s genius whilst alienating new players by forcing them to pay for something that they know nothing about. Advertising and betting would be ample enough to support its needs. (Of course, all of this is just a pipe dream for a select few who had the chance to play it) Any notion that it will be brought back is just ridiculous. Eighteen months has passed since it was last available to play and that’s a long time in cyberspace. Unfortunately some people just lack the creativity and foresight to make something like this golden opportunity work. No way back now. Real shame.

    1. Hi Jim – sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately the company that ran the game was not Miniclip so there is nothing we could do to change the fact that they closed. We now have a new multiplayer pool game that is just as good (if not better) called 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool.

      Please note though that I am a web designer and not involved with the business decisions that are made in the company.

  10. The snooker game was really one of the best games. It is true that 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool looks as good as Snooker but it’s not that interesting as Snooker was. Snooker was much funnier than Pool. I really regret that there is no way to bring it back.

    1. 8 Ball Pool is made by the same team that made Snooker – it’s a really good game, but clearly it’s not snooker.

  11. Recently ive been thinking a lot about the old Miniclip pool and 9 Ball games that i used to love and play alot.
    I was once told about it and immediately fell in love with the games,not only i but i spread the word and got
    many friends playing it.

    It was so realistic and great playing different opponents from all over the World, Haha remember the silly faces
    u could get.I didn’t pay to play but players who did got even more funnier faces for their profile…

    The last two days ive been searching the net looking for answers why this once great game has completely disappeared.
    Who designed this Game?? Does anyone have the Rights to it.

    I bet if we could ever get the 9 ball and 8 ball tables up and running again it would make a fortune
    (Only ever played the snooker once or twice)

    Someone must be able to get those games back

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