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  1. You noticed a lot of things that I noticed when I did my first theme review. I will say that if the period goes from 7 days to 24 hours that it will take forever to get a theme reviewed. That would knock dozens of reviewers out from being able to accept themes.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Why do you think changing the time period would stop people from reviewing themes? Having tried reviewing themes myself I know it can be done a few hours – you just need the time to do the review. So I think if you only take a new theme when you know you have a couple of hours spare then people won’t have to wait around.

  2. I’m going through the same process, taking notes along the way. Same as you. It is a process in desperate need of essentially more clarity in what the actual process is – more documentation for the theme creator about it and the proposed changes needed to be pass the review. Not sure where to start, but helping out in the cue seems like an easy thing to get involved with (I’m setting a couple hours a week for it, doesn’t seem too crazy). And as always in WordPress (and any open source community)… patches welcomed πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Larry – I’ve been lead to believe that the review time is much shorter now. I saw a reviewer say recently that it’s 6 – 8 weeks now. Is that not the case?

  3. You set my worries to ease when you said it took 4 weeks for a review to acknowledge your theme. My theme has been in the review process for 12 days now, so I won’t freak out just yet and will wait a few more weeks.

  4. “REQUIRED: Found a reference to unsplash. Images from this website does not use a license that is compatible with GPL”

    I am trying to submit theme on wordpress and getting this error. but my theme has no image without screenshot.png
    can you tell me how can i solve this issue?

    1. I’m not sure I can help you I’m afraid. The answer is right there in the error. There’s something in your theme using Unsplash and you will need to remove it. Without seeing your theme I can’t say what that might be.

      One thing I can suggest is that if the only image is screenshot.png then check the demo site, and the images used in screenshot.png. I believe the theme team check these as well. Also make sure unsplash isn’t mentioned in the readme/ help files/ any other text in the theme.

      Otherwise ask on the themes forum or the theme team slack. If you’re not using unsplash at all then they will be able to help get the theme into the queue.

      Best of luck!

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