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New Super Mario Brothers

I am almost as excited about this as I am about the new Zelda game (almost, but not quite).

New Super Mario Brothers wallpaper

Head on over to the official, New Super Mario Brothers, website to get all the info you could need. Of particular interest is the multiplayer mode, something Mario games have been a bit rubbish at in the past. It all looks wonderful, with 3d graphics presented in a 2d plane adding many new special effects and abilities to the mix.

If you head over there then make sure to click the green pipe on the left to get to the downloads section where you can grab Mario desktop wallpapers and other files for your pc.

I can’t wait. It should certainly tide me over until Zelda comes out 🙂

Update : Now that it’s out you may be interested in the New Super Mario Brothers review over on Binary Joy.


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21 thoughts on “New Super Mario Brothers Leave a comment

  1. I’m right with you dude! Totally stoked on this game. I think I’ll go and pick it up tonight. The local Futureshop’s showing it’s in stock. Whoo!

  2. I just have an old Mario game but now my mom got me nintendo WII and santa gave me super mario galaxy, so am enjoying 2 mario games. I like the game.

  3. dude Mario is so awesome i have it on d.s.!!!!!!!!!

    but i already beat it!

    need to get some more games!

    p.s. the new Mario game

    and i know this is off subject but any of u have other Mario games?

    Cause i am bored i only have narnia and new super Mario!

  4. OK, I’m a dork. I just started playing New Super Mario Bros., and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to open up Worlds 3-A,B & C. How do you do it?

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