Binary Moon search results

A couple of weeks ago I installed a plugin that tracks what people search for on my site. I wanted to see what people were interested in and, more importantly, what they were searching for that I don’t actually talk about here.

Unsurprisingly Harry Potter (or Harry, or Potter) was the number 1 thing people are looking for here, but there were quite a few unexpected search queries.

A disturbing number of people are searching for sex, or sex based searches. I have only mentioned sex a few times, mostly in regards to video games, so I suspect the results were unsatisfactory. I’m sure the person searching for Penis Enlargement Reviews was also disappointed, although I have received a number of emails on the subject so if you want to give me your email address I can forward them on?

Below I am going to go through some of the more sensible queries that have had no results so that the next time someone searches for them they will find something a little more useful.

  • Hover Boards – Hover Boards was the freeware prequel to Rocket Boards, which I now sell on Binary Sun. Hover Boards is no longer available. I have neither the source code, nor the game file so I can’t let you play with them. Sorry.
  • Dark Basic (Also DarkBASIC) – This is the language that Hover Racer was written in. I no longer use it and have switched to Blitz 3d and Blitz Max instead.
  • Facebook – I’ve never mentioned Facebook before but I do have an account. You can find it on 🙂
  • Bubblebreaker – not sure where this one comes from. The only thing I can think of is when I was trying to choose a new name for the game that was to become Bubble Blitz. Also available on Binary Sun.
  • Zurich – I’ve never been to Zurich
  • Neville – One of Harry Potters friends. I guess I’ve never thought to mention him before.
  • Mypace Layouts (Also chrono trigger myspace layouts, alice in wonderland layouts, TMNT backgrounds for myspace) – I don’t use myspace, and I have never done any layouts or backgrounds for it. However I do have a bunch of myspace layout companies advertising in the sponsors panel on the left, maybe they can help?

I think that’s all the main ones covered off.

Let me know what you think on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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