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  1. This is actually the first review I’ve read, heard or seen that hasn’t been trashing the movie. I guess I’ll go plunk down my $8 and see it.

  2. Mattie – I must admit I hadn’t read any other reviews. I watched the film based on my love of the first two. I would say it wasn’t as good as them, but it certainly wasn’t terrible. Like I said in the review itself – it was a piece of popcorn cinema, and for that I enjoyed it.

    Rol – So you’re not a fan then? I must admit I quite like Del Toro’s stuff. I haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth, but enjoyed Blade 2, and Hellboy. I suspect he would end up making a Spiderman movie that is even darker in tone than the third film – not sure if that would be a good or bad thing.

  3. Go home Sam Raimi, let Guillermo del Toro (pan’s labyrinth) make a better movie (spiderman 4)

  4. For me it was probably the weakest of the three but I still stand by the fact that I enjoyed it. I just feel that they tried to do too much.

  5. del toro should make spidey movies?
    like we want it in spanish..lol
    pans Laby was a good film,not much to it really,but it was all in spanish with sub titles… still a good film
    but nothing new

    spidey 3 is a movie u need to see a few times for it to soak in,like a song,sometimes it grows on u,other then the first two films which u knew were hits.

    they jumped to the chase for alot of the scenes
    and needed more essence. like when he decided to insatntly go to conners for help,they didn’t even show peter taking off a piece of the sybiant or how he took a piece off. they just went to conners instantly from a cut scene. also jameson didnt even get to name sandman or venom like he named goblin or ock. thats always fun stuff. jamesons role ws cut to nothing and he had no real funny lines. his character was different this time round and it seemed like he phoned in his acting. it should of been done a tad better but still a different approach to the same old stuff and this film will grow on u. emo peter was not that bad and didn’t ruin the film. was not many goofey scenes. just a few. but he was out of it and under control of the black suit. it shouldf of been done more like the cartoon. this is not the best spidey film but could of been. didn’t like the new goblin mask. should of stuck with daddys mask. and spidey rarely wore a mask this time. kinda weird. still a good movie that will grow on ya. not that bad,not that great but a diffferent way.. needed a change but not character wize. jamesons charcter didnt have any good lines or spots. kinda went limp unlike his normal way in spidey 1-2

  6. Spiderman 3 might have been a hit had it contained only
    venom or carnage.3 villians made the film lose its focus.

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