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  1. Very useful tip, I will be implementing this on my own blog, thanks for the code too.

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  3. Sadish – thanks for the tip. I actually wrote my own 404 page a long time ago (at least 2 years) and as far as I know the wp_get_archives command wasn’t around – and if it was around I wasn’t aware of it πŸ™‚

  4. Val – that’s a cool idea πŸ™‚ Not sure where I’d get a list of interesting information from though..?

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  6. What about other HTTP status codes? Like ErrorDocument 500 /index.php?error=500, etc… ? All 57 Status Codes

  7. Nate – as long as you have the ability to create and use .htacces files the 404 page should work fine as described above.

  8. My theme already has a 404 error page, and so luckily i just edited it to read how i wanted! thanks for the info. Rel

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  10. For whatever reason, the default WordPress theme created a .htaccess file on my server, but the code was very different from yours. I looked up a how-to on my server’s knowledgebase, but they suggested linking directly to the 404.php file (which didn’t work). So thanks for the index.php?error=404 information. Worked instantly.

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  12. What directory do I put the 404.php in?
    I don’t see any .htaccess file anywhere.
    I have WordPress installed in the root directory, so WordPress is the main page.

  13. I copied and pasted the code right into my 404.php file, made some edits, and voila! Looks great, and was super easy. Thanks Ben!

  14. Hey there, thanks so much for this code suggestion. I used it two weeks ago and it worked like a charm for me, and I just suggested it to someone at #wordpress chat. Thanks!

  15. Hi Ben!
    I have found this article very interesting, and I tried to get inspired from it to load my 404 custom page, but I failed πŸ™
    All I want to do is to tell to my WordPress blog to get a specific illustration I have made on purpose. Here’s the not-working code I have written (clearly I am not a geek) on my 404.php file (of course I have put the illustration with that name in the directory “images”), can you somehow help me to correct it, please?

    <img src="/images/error-404-700.jpg” alt=”404. Page not found.” />

    Thank you.

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