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  1. I think that this article isn’t written for less experienced users. For me it’s not looks very clear -Probably I should stay with Blogger 🙂

  2. In regards to your archive page getting long, why not check out my clean archives plugin that solves that issue?

    You can find it on my sites project page. I didn’t want to directly link to it in a comment. Not sure if that was ok or not.

  3. Sean – I’m using an older version of your clean archives plugin. I prefer it without the show/ hide javascript stuff, although I agree that it would be a solution to the page length. I actually want to rejig the layout anyway but intend to keep a page with a complete article list so maybe I should install it for that page. I have no problem with direct links either… provided they add value to the conversation. I’ve edited your comment to add the link in 🙂

    Andrew – you’re right. You need at least a passing knowledge of php and wordpress theme development, although if you have a basic knowledge it’s not too hard to do (I hope?)

  4. This article is very intersting. I’m trying to do something a bit different, but for the moment I’m not able to do that.

    I would like to make it possible to have a single post at the top position in some categories of my blog. The problem is that article has to be a different one in each category.

  5. I’d like to have a page template that shows only one side bar for posting images/ image gallery.
    I currently use “garland” theme (hacked for WP usage) by Chris Meller. I understand the concept of renaming/modifying the existing page.php template to a new template, and appreciate your hints in this post… however… it seems that in the theme I’m using, the call for sidebars (left and right with content in middle ie. 3 column look) that the “code” that defines the l-r sidebar-columns, is written within the style.css !!
    So, do you know or suggest how I can hack this so that the change would only apply when using the new 2 column page template?
    Any help on this matter appreciated. Thx.

  6. surely a good read!!

    One of the thing I do with page templates, besides archives is my site map. I however don’t know how NOT to display the site map link in the top navigation bar. Though I am distracting you from the template topic, I guess the answer lies in meta_key / meta values when you display page links using wp_list_pages ?

  7. I got it. It can be done using custom fields as I thoght, but these custom fields did not work the most intutive way. You can see this in action on my site. I will post an article on this soon.

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  13. Hi,

    I have to admit I found this post very useful, I was struggling alot with adding new page templates, and I found everywhere else was really complicated, and worded it so I couldn’t understand, but you did it nice and simple, Thanks, now bookmarked your website 😉

    Craig Farrall

  14. Hi,

    I am facing screen resolution problem with Garland template for my site, not all would be able to view it properly and my site get messed up. I would indeed like to have horizontal scroll bar for my screen to get it fit. My site is http://innovideas.blogspot.com
    can you let me know solution for this.

  15. Abishek – your site is not made in wordpress. I can’t help as I’ve never used blogger.

    Anthony – nice! I hadn’t considered using custom pages for anything beyond different designs, but additional functionality is a good idea too.

  16. Ben – I really learned a lot from this little tutorial! Thank you so much.
    I spent an hour or so, learning about the template tags used to generate the lists within archives.php.
    However, I couldn’t figure out how to break my Monthly list into date – post title like you’ve done on http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/archives/
    Can you email me the php code to get the Monthly list to break down like that?
    (BTW, I’m working on a local install of mimbo_pro at the moment)

  17. One question… What about if I wanna use a diffrent header in the new cus template. In my header I list the categories. But in one page I don’t want it there. Any tips?

    1. You can modify whatever you like in the custom templates. There’s no rule that you have to use the get_header() call. If it’s a big change then there’s no reason you couldn’t use a totally custom header file eg include(“header2.php”);

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  20. Short and to the point. Thank you! Any suggestions on how to set up different categories into different pages using templates?

  21. Can anyone recommend a WP custom page templates plugin?? I’m looking for one.. I really want to learn everything about coding but I just don’t have the time.. so I think a plugin can help out for now.. 🙂 thanks!

  22. Hi,
    Actually I am very new about wordpress. My question is ;?f I download any wordpress templates or themes how can I customize and what program I need it like a control panel. I guess sound bit silly but I do not have any clue for that.
    Thank you guys advance,

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