Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories #4

My Harry Potter Conspiracy Theory posts have gotten ridiculously popular, all receiving over 500 comments – a couple getting close to 1000. So I thought I would have one last attempt at coming up with Potter related theories.

Actually that’s a bit of a fib, I’m not going to be coming up with any. What I intend to do is write down my thoughts based upon the vast swathes of comments that have been posted on here over the last couple of years, picking out what I think are the most interesting.

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Cover Art

RAB IS Regulus Black

There is pretty much no point having this discussion anymore. The fact that the RAB initials are different in each language, each time the B being replaced with the letter that starts the respective countries word for Black, is more than enough proof for me. Let’s move on shall we?


Dumbledore IS dead. No question there. Rowling has said so and I don’t think she would lie. However I do think that we will see him again, whether in a photo, a painting, the pensieve or through some other method – he is bound to make an appearance.

One comment caught my attention though. The idea that Snape was killing Dumbledore at the end of the book was actually a false hood. Snape didn’t kill anyone, because Dumbledore was already dead!

The theory basically goes that Dumbledore died between books 5 and 6, at the same time as he received his blackened hand. Snape kept him alive (I will teach you how to put a stopper on death), and the argument Harry hears between Snape and Dumbledore is Dumbledore telling Snape he does not need any more of the death stopping potion.

Deathly Hallows

I haven’t seen much discussion on here regarding the Deathly Hallows, but when I posted about the Deathly Hallows release date there was one comment that caught my eye.

It seems to point to an appearance of at least some of the characters previously killed off (namely Sirius) since hallows in defined as the Oct. 31 Greater Sabbat, also called November Eve, the Celtic Samhain (sow-en); the beginning of the Celtic winter, and of the Celtic year; the beginning of the Witches’ Year, when the Veil Between the Worlds grows thin and the spirits of the dead may return to Earth; the Descent of the Goddess to the Underworld; the final Harvest festival.

Unfortunately I’ve not found anything to back this up but if it’s true then it brings up some interesting questions. For example the veil between the worlds could very very easily be the veil in the Ministry of magic through which Sirius fell, and if it grows thin… maybe we could see Sirius again?

Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, the book title is slightly different in Swedish and in Japanese due to issues with translation.

Harry Potter and the Relics of Death, which in Swedish is rendered as Harry Potter och dödsrelikerna. Japan also experienced difficulties translating the title and used the alternate title, too. Translated from Japanese, the title is: “Harry Potter and the Secret Treasure of Death”

I think based on the new titles there are others things we could be talking about here. The best explanation for the title I can find is on the Deathly Hallows Wikipedia page.

Horcruxes – Is Harry the last?

Not entirely convinced about this one but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. I just don’t like the idea… can’t explain why, it just doesn’t seem right to me.

Other questions…

Below I’ve listed a few other things I think may be worth talking about.

  • Wormtail – He owes Harry for saving his life (Sirius and Remus wanted to give Wormtail to the Dementors) is he going to return the favor?
  • The smashed mirror – I don’t know if this is significant or not. Some say that this is supposed to represent Harry ridding himself of connections with his only living relative, but I wonder if there is more to it. The mirror itself was only mentioned briefly, then forgotten about so why bring it up at the end of the book if it had no real importance. I am firmly of the belief that JK has done everything for a reason, so am waiting for the mirror to be explained.
  • Fawkes – The phoenix is clearly still alive since we see him at Dumbledores funeral. I’m sure he has a part to play in things, especially since Phoenix (what’s the plural of phoenix?) have the ability of rebirth…
  • Graveyard I don’t remember it being mentioned in the books before, but do remember a quote from a documentary about one of the films (Prisoner of Azkhaban I think) where they said they couldn’t add a graveyard because JK had plans for it elsewhere…

So what do you think?

Was it good/ useful/ a load of old rubbish? Let me know on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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