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  1. Yeah… I just wished she would have explained it more. When I read the fifth book that part stood out to me. I was so interested in it and it was not explained.

  2. Harry was to nice when he saw a death eater instead of shooting a disarming spell at the he should have been shooting avada kedavra at them. They were trying to kill him they should have tried to kill them. Oh ya I respect Mrs.Weasley for killing Bellatrix Lestrage.

  3. Ya I agree with Amy that she didnt explain the archway because of the symbolicism and I agree with Dustin any time he saw a deatheater he should have killed them.

  4. well you guys know how fragile and Harry is and good hearted he wouldn’t want to kill anyone he wouldn’t even be able to kill Voldemort if voldemort didn’t kill himself

    the saddest death in the book to me was Snapes I was sadder about his death than dumbledore’s death once I read the part about Snape’s memory :'(

  5. I love Snape so very much now. Just to think of how much he’s been through… He was a VERY strong character.

  6. It renched my heart when Harry talked to Albus Severus. Just the fact that he named him after the two of them….

    It was a good book

  7. I know Snape liked ruled I wonder if he had a proper funeral he should
    I was surprised Harry named a child after him but he should Snape was a great dude his death made me almost cry and the last time I almost cried over a book was when I read a book about the Titanic

  8. every1 know HP&DH was a good book
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Albus Severus got the cloak
    wat was the point of “Don’t duel anyone till you’ve learned how.”
    It took me a couple hours to realize why Harry didn’t die and I think I could be wrong

  9. Voldemort has the protection in him as well as harry so since Voldemort lives Harry lives cuz the protection in both their bloods so the only thing Voldemort could kill inside of Harry was the accidental Horcrux so Harry lived but the Horcrux died

    I think that made sense sorry I don’t use punctuation but I think I’m right but I’m not sure cuz of how confusing it was

  10. Well thats how i interpreted it. What voldemort killed when he AKd harry was part of his soul, which is why he was trying to get up (he had clearly fallen over at it) when harry came to

  11. jst wondering wt you guys think, JK said that she killed of two people that she didnt intend too in her origional plan and that one character survived that she intended to die
    i think the two she killed were snape and dobby
    and the one that survived was hagrid
    wt do you guys think???

  12. I think the unfortunate ones were Fred and Tonks maybe and the survivor was Draco or one of the Malfoys.

  13. Tonks and Lupin were the ones she didn’t intend to die. She was going to kill Mr. Weasley originaly.

  14. I have a question about what exactly did it mean when the prophecy said “Neither can live while the other survives” is that supposed to mean neither horcux nor Voldemort could live while Harry survived cuz that really confused me

  15. it just meant neither harry nor voldemort could live at the same time. so if voldemort lived harry had to die…and the other way around.
    and it was kinda true that neither could live while the other survived cuz then there would be this ongoing war, and the wizarding world would be insanely bad.

  16. and think HP&DH was an amazingggggggggg book.
    the best by far
    i cried for like 3 hours after fred,tonks,lupin, and dobby died!!!!it was so sad
    but i reallllllly wish she would have done more in the epilogue.like told us how the rest of teh weasleys were doing.if george continued the joke shop. a little more on the malfoys maybe. and i really would have liked to hear about hagrid professor mcgonagol and slughorn.

  17. JK Rowling said like a while from now she probably will make a Harry Potter encyclopedia that says more on wat happens after cuz that epilogue was barely anything but at least you know there was 19 years plus more of peacefulness for Harry.

  18. What annoyed me was they didnt explain enough in the epilouge they shpould have said what harry’s job was and what was that about percy in the epilogue.

  19. “Harry thought he heard Percy discoursing loudly about broomstick regulations, and was quite glad of the excuse not to stop and say hello…”
    -HP&DH, pg 604
    Is that the bit you mean about percy?

  20. @223, what a productive quote, we really value that sort of contribution to the discussion,
    and @222, he probably works for the ministry or something.

  21. I was wondering, because Voldemort killed the part of him that was in Harry, does this mean that Harry can no longer speak parseltongue?

  22. 224-im thinking so. i think dumbledore was the one that said the only reason he could speak parseltongue was because voldemort and unknowingly placed a piece of his soul in harry. so that kinda implys without that piece of voldemorts soul he wont be able to speak it.

  23. but ron sort of learned how to speak parseltounge so i bet harry still can or he could learn how to again.

  24. My understanding was that Ron was just imatating words that he heard Harry speak in parseltongue and not he learned to actually speak it. I believe that it is still possible for Harry to speak parseltongue because he and Voldamort were related through the Peverell brothers. It never says that any of them could speak parseltongue, but they are descendants of Slitheran, so I am just guessing that he might have had this ability anyway.

  25. Where does it say that the Peverell brothers are descendants of Slytherin but Ron didn’t learn how to speak parsletongue he just made noises that he didn’t even understand and Voldemort killed part of Harry’s soul not his brain so since he did know how to speak parsletongue Harry is probably going to continue to know how

  26. In the 6th Book, chapter 10, page 207 Merope Gaunt tells Mr. Ogden that he is a descendant of the Pevervell family and shows him the ring with the family crest on it. Then he shows Mr. Ogden the locket and tells him they are the last living descendants of Slytherin.

    Since the cloak was handed down from father to son, I am presuming that would make Harry a descendant of the Peverell family as well.

  27. doesn’t that make Harry a descendant of Slytherin too but didn’t Merope said they were the last living relatives of Slytherin so how is Harry related to the Peverells but not slytherin

  28. I think Harry is related to Slytherin. Merope was seemed to be a bit backward, so he may not have realized that there were other Peverell descendants.

  29. sooo this may seem obvious to everyone else but i finally figured out how harry didn’t die and i need to tell someone because my family is very anti-harrypotter.

    When Lily died, she infused a special protection charm in Harry’s blood. In book 4, Volde takes some of Harry’s blood. Therefore, even though he “kills” harry in book 7, part of his blood is still in existence. (existance?) Therefore, his mother’s protection is still in… well still exists. Therefore, he must live.

    Did I finally get it?

  30. yeah i think 😀
    voldy never realized that if he were to finally kill harry, he would risk killing himself cause of his blood…but harry didn’t die cause his mother’s protection was still alive

  31. Harry still has the scar at the end, so how was the horcrux within him destryoed? It is possible Voldemort still lives as he has Lily’s protection in his blood. Neither can live while other survives came down to the conclusion that as long as Harry live so does Volde.

  32. Dumbledore speaks at length in the sixth book about how the prophecy doesn’t really mean anything. He points out that, prophecy or not, Harry would still have gone after Volde, would still have wanted to kill him. The prophecy was only correct because Harry fulfilled it, not the other way around. Lily’s protection only protects Harry, not Volde, so he can’t be alive. JKR’s put that one to rest.

  33. and the horcrux is the soul not the scar so he killed the soul but since the scar was dark magic it can’t heal but having the scar doesn’t mean the horcrux is still there

  34. But the lighting shape could be the sign of a horcrux. There is a picture of the Gaunts ring with a lightining bolt in the middle.

  35. voldy’s dead. the end. lol
    and voldy has lily’s protection in his blood, but it is of no use to him. lily doesn’t protect voldy and doesn’t keep him alive. all dumblydore was saying was that lily’s protection was still living, keeping harry safe and alive.he also states that the horcrux within harry is dead.
    jkr clearly states that voldy is dead when the elder wand refused to kill his master and backfired

  36. the Gaunts ring didn’t have a lightening bolt, it was the resurrection stone with the circle, triangle, and vertical line connected. That was kinda a HUGE part of the 7th book.

  37. yeah the scar was never a sign of a horcrux a horcrux doesn’t have a sign you can just sense the heavy magic and harry just appened to have a scar but it wasn’t because he had the horcrux in him

    can someone tell me where in book 7 does voldemort say how harry’s parents die I want to reread it

  38. aww that part was soo sad, but i think it was at the end of the chapter godric’s hallow, after they jump out of the window, it’s easy to spot cause it’s italisized remember?

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  40. they didn’t mention harry’s grandparents.Dumbledore was pleading to snape because they had planned it .Dumbledore had to die.Why do you think that after voldemort told nagini to kill snape that he gave harry the memory for him to see in the penseive?He had to show harry why he did not like him.because if lily potter hadn’t tried to save him she would have never died. And snape was in love with her. He had to show harry why he hda showed great dislike.Dumbldore had to die because he was harry’s mentor.That’s the way it had to happen.

  41. I hope when they make a movie of the last book, its a 2 Part movie to explain everything properly. Order of Phoenix was to rushed and some of the plot points important for the last book were not shown.

  42. The deathly hollows are from the Pervell brothers when they met Death. The deathly hollows are:
    The cloak of invisiblity (Harry’s Cloak)
    The elder wand
    The resurection stone (Marvolos ring)
    The deathly hollows have nothing to do with the
    Read The tales of beedle the bard or wikipedia
    (deathly hollows)

  43. I have been thinking about the film, and then the book, and have realized that when Snape kills Dumbledore, he hesitates before saying Avada Cadavra-(sorry dont know spelling).

    I think that the scar that voldemort gave harry ‘is’ a hawcrux

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