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  1. Doesnt Harry’s blood have love in it, something that Voldemort knows not. And i remember reading in the fourth book when harry tells Dumbledore that Voldemort used Harry’s blood, Harry thinks he sees a glimpse of a triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes. Which could mean that Voldemort overlooked something that Dumbledore thinks is much more important. More important than the fact that Voldemort can finally touch Harry without hurting himself. Maybe it has to do with Love but maybe not

  2. i bet harry will kill voldemort realise that he is a horcrux and kills himself because he knows the only way to vanquish voldemorts soul forever will be by killing himself . . ie d last horcrux

  3. mazlo123
    i think you are on to something and its a good idea but how could harry be a horcrux?? wen did voldemort make him one?? i guess he could have used harrys mums death to make harry a horcrux but then why would he try to kill harry?? and he couldn’t have done it after he tryed to kill harry coz he was like half dead!! i think it’s a good idea but it seems a little impossible. but there could be a loop hole.

    1. By this point you’ve read the 7th book and realize that Harry being a horcrux is entirely possible.

  4. Well in the newest movie, on the family tree Right next to Sirious is “R.A.B.” thefore, his brother, right?

  5. cassidy D
    in the movie did it acctually have the initials R.A.B or was it his full name? coz if it was his full name it could just be a coincidence. im pretty sure that it is sirius’ brother but i dont rekon he distroyed it and that it was the heavy locket mentioned in the fifth book and that kretcher took it and gave it to bellatrix lestrange when he left the house at sirius’ comand of “get out”

  6. hey does anyone know the website that they have photos of every page of the new book?? i wanna check it out.

  7. rab could also by a long shot be rabastan lestrange who is a death eater so hed call voldermort dark lord

  8. or rab could be 3 deth eaters who hated v and found out about the horcruxes and decided to try n kill im like regulus avery/augustus and sum 1 else

  9. Basically, I think that R.A.B. was a death eater, and because of that, was able to reach into the green solution (which Dumbledore was forced to drink), and take out the locket without any harm. Remember the clue about how Snape was able to run into the tower through the hex that was placed on it, like a force field, but Snape ran through it without being repulsed. Harry reckoned, it was because he was a death eater and they could get through the hex. Same sort of thing with the greeny liquid. Therefore, Regulus Arcturus Black is a possible person who is R.A.B. but there may be others as has been stated, but the person is, or was, a death eater to get to the charm so easily.

  10. R.A.B could be Rupert. The name Slugy mentions when refering to Ron after he has been poisoned. It is probably because Slug taught him and he was one of his favourites. Regulus Black is too obvious and Rowling normally always has unexpected conclusions.

  11. Hi Srihari.
    I believe that we will learn more about Grindelwald because JK said that we will find out more about Dumbledore’s beggings and family. It is possible( if not probable) that he met Riddle and that he was the one who told Riddle how to make a Horcrux. Remember, Slugy doesn’t know the spell that encases one’s soul into an artefact and Grindelwald may have told Riddle this spell. We may learn more about Grindelwald as we discover more about Voldemort in the next book. After all, he may have been Voldemort’s mentor.
    Grindelwald was also friends with Adolf Hitler and was from Switzerland, Jk says.

  12. hello, i was reading the mugglenet.com “what will happen in harry potter 7” book, and it had a very interesting clue..

    in the norwegian edition of the harry potter series, the black family name is svaart, and in that same edition the initials on the note found in the locket are “R.A.S.” rather than “R.A.B.”. and in the dutch edition, the black family name is Zwarts and the initials in the note inside the locket in this book are “R.A.Z.”

    due to the fact that rowling tends to breeze by characters and then have them play important roles in future books ON TOP OF this clue, and multiple other clues, explains a good reason why regulus black is almost certainly the mysterious R.A.B. Why would she bother to have sirius mention regulus in OOTP if he was never going to have a part later on? it’s not in her nature.

  13. i still think snape is evil, he killed dumbledore with an “unforgivable curse” and it says in teh 5th book that you can only use one if you mean it, so snape wouldve WANTED dumbledore dead, not just done it so he looked like a deatheater …. simple as that

  14. post #494
    haha i like that theory, its out there and is a longshot but i see the reasoning behind it, i think Aberforth will come into the 7th book somehow, because she mentions him a bit but doesnt sa anything about whats happened with him, whether he dies or not or anything like that…. so i hope he is in book seven

  15. bub – I have deleted your comment. Please don’t post anything even vaguely spoiler related.

  16. Hi, I think there are other equally important mysteries like RAB…
    To start of with… who gave Harry the Invisibility Cloak… I know most of us guessed it as Dumbledore… but, none of these books reveal that, isn’t it?
    And I guess, Hogwards holds many more mysteries… vanishing cabinets at Hogwarts… connecting Borgin’s!!
    Anyway, the book’s out today… I have booked mine with the local outlet… I am off to pick the same.

  17. Wow, I just stumbled across this message board, and am Surprised to see that it has been active since August 2, 2005, lol very nice. gratz..

  18. ive finished readin deathly hallows im not going to reveal anything incase people are still reading but im so pleased the spoiler i saw was wrong. btw r.a.b turns out to be as obvious as the first guess. Have fun!

  19. As i first read the book, i read the note and didn’t care about RAB, but when i read the second time, my interest became very big

  20. Harry’s son name is Albuis Severus. So, if harry put this name in his son, snape must be good

  21. mengoporra you havent read the book and yet you try and spoil peoples surprise of him having children. if im right you jus read the last page or so.

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  23. mengoporra, why spoil it for peopl who haven’t finished???

    I ifinished mine at 9 yesterday morning and wow what a read.

    Truely gripping with so many twists and turns it all works out well. well balanced sad/happy/ontheedgeofyourseat.

    well worth waiting for (I do appriciate that I only started reading harry potter a few months ago so a few months wait is nothing compaired to yrs that some of you have waited, I bow at your patience)

  24. I think you’re right and that Kreacher went with Regulus to collect the Horcrux in the cave.

    When the filmmakers were making the fifth movie, they were planning to cut out Kreacher but JK Rowling told them they’d have a major problem in the seventh movie if they did that so Kreacher has to be important to the plot of the seventh book.

  25. for all of those who have finised the final book, who was disapointed with the way it ended? some of it did not make sence to me and something about the way it ended was unsatisfying to me.

  26. I thought it was satisfactory, but the thing that i did find confusing was all of the names flying around everywhere. I just couldnt keep track of them all logically.

    I want to ask questions, but i dont want to be a spoiler so I will wait some time before i ask.

  27. At last all is revealed, (well nearly) still a few unanswered questions, but personally I think JK Rowling has left the ending open for an entire new 7 years at Hogwarts for ‘junior’ and friends!!!

  28. yer i didnt really undertsand all the names (and i dont care if im spoiling, theres a warning at the top of the page) but it was like she expected us to know all about grindlewald or whatever and all them, and the whole book was so fast-pace it was harder to keep up and all, like she was tryin to fit a whole heap into one book that shoulda stretched over to at least 1 more book, but it was still excellent.

  29. OMG!!! that was such a good read!! i finished tha day it came out! i agree with master-coupe, it was weird how jk sorta expected us to know about grindelwald………is he mentioned in anyother books?? i’m pretty sure his not but i mighta missed sumthing! was it just me or did anyone else notice how many people died!!!! OMG… fred! and what about remus lupin and tonks?!! they just had a baby!! i wish jk had told us what happened to lilttle teddy…like who did he live with??? i hope it was harry! the last chapter was sooooooo good!! thank God Ron and Hermione got together!! i was like FINALLY!!!!!
    it’s really hard to realise that this is the end of harry potter…it’s sooo sad! does anyone think jk will write anymore books? i dont think so. i hope she writes other books but like not harry potter although i would love her to!!!

  30. well now that its out in the open i might as well just say it.

    I thought the same thing with teddy, considering that Harry was supposed to be hid godfather. I wish we knew who he lived with. Does anyone remember james saying something like, “cant he come and live with us dad? I’ll share a room with Albus.” I thought i remember reading that about teddy unless it was directed at someone else.

  31. yer i wish the “nineteen years later” bit told us a bit more, like whether harry and ron became aurors and stuff and what hermione did, i always thought she was gunna turn out to be the minister for magic or somethin or the ‘head….witch” of hogwarts
    and it woulda been good to find out about george ans stuff, i just wish she had sid a bit more….. hopefully she gets bored of NOT writing harry potter and comes out witha new series with him as an adult, or bout his kidsor somethin…. but i think im just dreamin, haha

  32. i still find it all sad and stupid. i was like u cant kill hedwig he makes the books lol. and no explanation for lupin was the stupid bit. all in all she said she might do an 8th book but it will be an overview of them all and it would be for charity, so i wont get dat cos it wont be very good unless im feelin charitable.

  33. i agree, for once i am disappointed with the way a harry potter book ended. i mean i loved how it ended but in the nineteen years later part i think jk could have said a bit about how their lives turned out. i hop that ron and harry became aurors and herione became head misstress of hogwarts because sshe wouldn’t work for the ministry shes not like that.

  34. I agree it was a great read… I enjoyed every minute of it !! At the same time, I am sad that I don’t feel like reading anything more (or at least for a while). I miss these great stories, which took me away (for at least a while) from my reality. I felt – exactly as Ms. Rowling described through Hermione about Sirius (in Book 5)… even I too was kind of… living through them. πŸ™‚

    On the other had, I also agree, that the last chapter could have thrown light on their chosen line of career. It would have made more sense, given the fact that, Ms. Rowling used education/career as the secondary (but yet an important) focus through out the books.
    But, I have to disagree with few who said-
    Firstly, that Grindelwald was never mentioned before (book7): I would like to remind you that Grindelwald was mentioned right in the Book-1 (on Dumbledore’s Chocolate Frog card).
    Secondly, about what happened to Teddy during the 19 years: well, Tonks did say (back in the Room of Requirements “Battle of Hogwarts”) that teddy was being looked after by her Mom. Also, Harry said that Teddy comes around 4 times a week for dinner (as good as saying that Teddy spent most part of the week with Harry’s family). But, though not important, the thing that is curious (probably if any) about Teddy is whether he acquired any of Lupin’s warewolf qualities – and we will never know now, can we? πŸ™‚

    Finally, I would like to thank Ben for creating / managing this Blog (if I’m not wrong). It was a real pleasure sharing my thoughts on RAB / HP.

    Thank you everybody.

  35. I really enjoyed the book but i felt she just rushed the end (the nineteen yrs later part) it felt like she just wanted to get it over and done with, she could have made it more informing, also i found the end a little cheesy but other than that, brilliant book.

  36. agreed. the end could have been a lot better.. like what happened to the dursleys? and the ministry?luna and her dad? what happened to hogwarts after the battle? was the room of requirement ruined after the fire? what about weasley wizarding weases? so much unexplained.. malonsis is right about rowling rushing though the 19 years later.. but other than that it was a pretty awesome book. very exciting..
    thanks jk πŸ™‚

  37. I think the girl teddy ended up with was bill and fleurs kid and that makes sense becasue bill was slightly werewolf and remus was a werewolf. also i dont think harry woould have become an aurour since he said he had enough trouble for a lifetime. i also think the reason jk rowling didnt go into so much detail was to let us imagine and leave an opening for another book. but i do wish she has told us what happened to george. in the fourth book george likes a muggle that likes him, so maybe he ended up with her

  38. the girl that teddy ends up with is fleur and bills daughter.
    because her name is french, like victorieaea or soemthign lol.
    and then one of harrys kids was like, thats gross or soemthign, hes snogging our “cousin” and
    that victorie, would be their cousin.
    Well, J.K did annouse recently that she MIGHT write like a book, that exxplains everything that happens after.
    but not right now, she realllly wants to take a break from writting.
    And, Bertiebott’s i think you are right.
    my friend was also saying how J.K was letting us imagine everything.
    like she didnt explain how nevielle got the wand from the sorting hat
    when the goblin was suposed to have it?
    Maybe she let us explore the “only a true gryffindor can get the swrod” thingy.
    like, no matter what circumstance, only a true gryff can get it.
    ohh, really? wheres the part that george said somethign abt likking a muggle? i wanna read it. haha

    But, overall-the most AMAZING book yet,
    i think im going to re-read the series

  39. i wanted harry to become minister for magic because in the death chapter dumbledore tells him people like harry who dont look for power who are simply assigned it make the best leaders. but then again he took on voldemort so he must have been offered like 100 positions for aura. + kingsley shacklebolt would make a gd minister neway.

  40. page 328 of the half blood prince, in the chapter a very frosty christmas george talks of the muggle girl

  41. post #494
    i was reading threw random coments and i just want to let you know that your theory is gud but impossible coz albus says that aberforth has i liking for goats not cats and mrs figg and aberforth are both at the funeral…… aberforth is describe as the barman of the hogs head as at that point harry dus not no its him……… but nice theory! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  42. i haven’t posted on here in ages so i thought i might. I always thought why didn’t Dumbledore get married and now i know. He was gay! I still think he is and always has been a great character, it answers why Dumbledore couldn’t face Grindelwald for a long time, he was in love with him.

  43. Bub that is old news, it’s stuff you pick up in the early books and was announced in the media in the last few days.

    The book ended the way it did basiccaly giving Harry what he wanted his whole life. A happy loving family to call his own.

    There will be no 8th book but J.K has said she will be writing a encyclopedia explaining more about the missing 19 yrs.

  44. haha oh man i remember this place way back in the old days before it was closed down before book 6 even came out. except all of the stuff including my own was deleted after post 175 or so. that sucks.

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