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  1. ok i have many questions to askk…..

    1) How do people know so much about what happened on the night of james and lily’s death?

    2) what did james and lily do for a living??

    3) how did they thrice defy voldemort?

    4) how did the longbottoms thrice defy voldemort?

    5) is there a reason why neville is so forgettful or is it unimportant??

    if you have any theories that answer any of my questions lemme know them:-d

  2. Ok i have alot to say, and you probably won’t understand a aword of it
    Firstly, assuming RAB is sirius’ brother, and the locket was the asme one mentioned in book 5, people seem to think that it will be really easy to find. I don’t – remember Kreacher stole a lot of stuff, and Mundungus sold quite a lot to the Hog’s Head barkeeper, which brings me nicely onto my next point.
    The HH barkeeper is Dumbledore’s brother – JK has stated this already so you can’t argue with me here. but how will he help – he can’t even read! By giving over the Horcux(es). This would mean that Harry won’t have to go through any death-defying adventures to get them – remember DD came back with a dead hand after one, and was so weak after the next that he couldn’t save himself.
    Although he’s dead, DD may still help. The portraits of headmasters seem to have more life than other portraits that just imitate the person they represent, so maybe DD will be able to give Harry some more advice from beyond the grave
    Fourthly, Fawkes becomes Harry’s new pet
    Fifthly, Regulus needed help getting the locket, and who else to help him but Kreacher! He would have been sworn to keep the secret and this is probably what caused him to go crazy.
    Sixthly, what did DD do in his past that he so regretted when drinking the Horcrux liquid?
    And why did he have the invisibility cloak in the first place before book 1?
    And lastly, everyone seems to be assuming that DD is right about one of the horcruxes being Ravenclaw’s (or Gryffindor’s). This is clearly a massive twist in the story that will turn the whole things upside-down.

  3. My theory:
    R A B is (at bottom)
    As far as I’ve read, no one has the same theory as me. I’ve even searched the name on various websites with no hits, other than the obvious reasons. It’s funny how Dumbledore always gets horrible tasting jelly beans . (vomit , ear wax) from bertie botts’s every flavor beans. Well I believe that Bertie really goes by the name ROBERTO (A) BOTT.
    Ta Daaa. That’s my theory. Talk amongst yourselves.

  4. OK. Just a thought, but if everyone fears Voldermort, and Voldermort fears Dumbledore, what is left for Dumbledore to fear? What does he hear when near dementors? What does his boggart turn into? Please let me know. Thank you.

  5. brett – as much as i hate to admit it – you have a good point! Bertie is almost definately short for Robert or Roberto or something similar. Regulus still seems much more likely for resons said elsewhere other than his initials, but who knows. JK probably thought that Reggie was too obvious and wanted to throw us off, and no one has come up with bertie because he isn’t actually a proper character (yet). However, i don’t see the relevance with DD getting vomit and earwax.

  6. Call Me Bubbles, your question is at the moment unanswered. Dumbledore is dead, so there’s no way he can tell Harry, but someone else that was close to him may, though I cannot see at the present time why it would be beneficial for Harry to know. I do however know that Snape’s Boggart and what he hears when Dementors are near are VERY crucial to Book 7.

  7. harry potter and the deathly hallow for sure the deathly hallows means godrics hallow this is so excited and i think that means he is going back to hogwarts and in the end he ends up at godrics hallow to get the final horcruxes where he meets voldmort and everything comes back in the end for the final show down!!!!!

  8. for R.A.B it is definietly Sirus’s brother, cause in the norwigen version black = Svart and it says R.A.S!!
    😀 ok hope tht helps

  9. Lets start off here by dispelling a few rumors that refuse to stop resurfacing.

    1. JK Rowling apologized to the makers of the website http://www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com when she ruined the point of their website after revealing Dumbledore is dead. He’s dead, but look on the bright side, he’s still in the castle for a good chat. (Portrait in the Heads office)

    2. Harry CAN NOT be a horcrux. If Voldemort couldn’t even touch him in the first book, how is it that a piece of his soul could be residing in Harry’s body? Answer- IT CAN’T

    3. Let’s please, please stop speculating about who might or might not be someone’s REAL parent. That sort of stuff is ludacris.

    Now for a few theories, while they might be as unfortunatly timed as a cheese cauldron, I really liked.

    1. Hogwarts as a Horcrux – May or may not be accurate, but that would fit. Choice between right and easy isn’t it. The place Harry feels the most at home having to be destroyed by getting ALL the other students to help. It could play out well as the death-eater children either square off against or join their parents (cough, Malfoy, cough).

    2. R.A.B. – Bertie Bott as RAB. Sounds cool, although unlikely. How do you spell Bott in Holland?

    3. The Horcrux”s – Please read post #17. While most people seem to know that Harry would have killed Voldemort if he hadn’t had a Horcrux somewhere, no one seems willing to accept that one being used would use it up. BTW: The only horcrux’s we know for sure are 1. the diary 2. the ring 3. the locket 4. Voldemort himself
    Safe assumption 5. Cup 6. Nagini
    7. I now believe to be Hogwarts itself

  10. the Hogwarts is a horcrux theory was originally mine, or at least when I posted it I hadn’t read it anywhere else. I think the horcrux was created when Moaning Myrtle was killed or when Tom Riddle went to talk to Dumbledore about something important, or maybe both happened at the same time, it’s been a while since I read the books and my timeline might be off. To destroy Hogwarts, I think more than students will have to help. The four houses will have to combine, possibly destroying the scorekeeping hourglasses for symbolic purposes, but I also think it can’t just be coincidence that so many different magical creatures are located near Hogwarts (centaurs, giant spiders, mermaids, giants, and i’m sure there’s more i’m forgetting) I think it will take an alliance of all of these creatures as well as muggles (the Dursleys definitely have to get involved) to tear down such a huge thing as Hogwarts. It would also involve Harry finally letting go of Dumbledore, because the portrait would have to be destroyed.

    Bringing up Malfoy’s parents, obviously Malfoy’s mother loves him if she made Snape make the unbreakable vow to protect him, I think this love will eventually turn them against Voldemort. I think Snape will have to die for Harry, showing he is good once and for all. Everyone harps on Harry’s eyes looking like his mother’s, and I think they will be the last thing Snape sees as he decides to sacrifice himself.

    Another theory which you probably don’t want to hear about, my friend thinks Ron will have to die for Harry, foreshadowed in the first book in the chess game. All Ron has to offer is himself, and she thinks that in the end he’ll sacrifice himself for Harry.

    What role does everyone think Neville will play? You know it’s going to be big.

  11. do u guys remember that trophy voldemort won after myrtle was killed??? maybe that is an horcrux, cuz that trophy is still in hogwarts, ron cleaned it in book 2

  12. The day we’ve all been waiting for is July 21st. Deathly Hallows will hit the shelves. July is going to be a big Potter month. Order of the Phoenix on the 15th and Deathly Hallows on the 21st. Have a very Harry Summer

  13. Iluvy(22)- i’m pretty sure james is Harry’s dad. based on the fact that most people tell harry he looks just like his father, and harry’s seen the resemblance himself in the pensieve. Plus, why would Snape hate Harry if he was his son? You said he hated him because he was raised by his enemy (James,) harry only lived with his parents for about a year and a half before they were killed, and he was then sent to live with LILY’S relatives. Yes, snape had a thing for lily, but we have no evidence that lily liked him other than she sort of stood up for him against james, but i’m pretty sure that had more to do with james than snape. So unless snape raped her… james is harry’s dad. and yeah, snape’s kinda mean, but he’s not a rapist.

    xtina_bad_faith (111)- thats a good theory, but i don’t think he would have made the trophy that easily accessible… we’ve seen how hard it was to get to the locket, and we know that dumbledore crippled his arm to destroy the ring.

    matty(81) one possible explanation would be that since voldemort was not “reborn” yet, he obviously couldn’t use his wand. its possible (though highly unlikely) that wormtail used voldemort’s wand to kill cedric.

    Amy (110)- I agree that snape will probably sacrifice himself for harry; either that or he and harry will have to put aside their differences to defeat Voldemort. in regards to ron… it wouldn’t surprise me if he sacrificed himself for harry, but i think its more likely that he willl sacrifice himself for hermione. We’ve all seen a relationship between the two of them building since the first book, by the fourth book, if you hadn’t realized it, you were an idiot, and by the end of the sixth book i think they finally figured it out, so its very likely that they will be in a relationship during the 7th book. Whether they’re in a relationship or not though, i can see ron sacrificing himself to save hermione. I think Neville will definitely play a huge part in the final battle, if harry doesn’t go back to hogwarts, neville probably won’t have much of a role right away, but i think he will definitely be helpful in deafeating voldemort. I think his role will either have to do with some sort of plant knowledge, or it would be really ironic if he brewed a potion that destroyed one of the Horcruxes (Horcri?) or that saved harry or something of the sort. I don’t really see Hogwarts as being a Horcrux, it just doesn’t seem likely. I can see the final confrontation between harry and voldemort taking place at hogwarts, and i can see a horcrux being located in hogwarts, but not the school itself.

    sailorvenus(91)-most of your theories make sense, except for the one about Ron being under the imperious curse, especially by his dad. I’m pretty positive that when Moody told ron “your dad would know a lot about that one” he was refering to the fact that his dad works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department of the ministry, so he probably also encounters a lot of muggles who have been put under the imperious curse. Why would Ron’s dad were to put him under the imperious curse? The only possible explanation would be that Mr. Weasley is evil and wants to use ron to get to harry. If that was the case, then ron most likely wouldn’t have been sitting by himself in a compartment on the train in first year hoping that harry just happened to choose that compartment, he would have been waiting until harry chose a compartment, and then gone into that one. also, it’s been said somewhere that if you’re under the imperious curse, you act differently, and ron doesnt seem to be acting wierd at any point in the series… basically i think that theory is completely ridiculous.

  14. just out ov interest wot ever happened 2 the maze after hp atgof
    was it cut down or moved sumwhere else (rum ov requirement possibly).
    also duz any 1 else no about voldermorts horcruxes.
    another theorie that i dont think has already been sed is hedwig is either an animagus, a horcrux or a ghost. hmmmmm.

  15. R.A.B is sirius brother for sure how do i know? because his brother is named rgeulus amedus black or something like that, of course that isnt proof enough, but then again i live in norway. and in norway they changed some names in the book, for example sirius black. sirius black is sirius svaart in norwegian and it doesnt says r.a.b in norwegian it said r.a.s meaning that the name sirius black was changed into svaart, and they put a s in there instead
    of a b.

  16. I am sure Regulus Black is R.A.B, although I quite like Lockie´s theorie. What do you think about possible relationship between Snape and Lily ( I mean that Snape´ve been in love with her – why else he reacted so painfully and angrily when Harry told him he´s a coward and it was he who killed his father? It remained him a death of Lily and it was just because of him, Snape, too. //book six//)

  17. when harry and dumbledore are in the cave trying to retrieve the locket, harry suggests using a summoning charm. when harry says “accio horcrux!” something heavy lifted out of the water and then fell back in again…. R.A.B still in the cave??
    also, even though JK has repeatedly said that crookshanks is not an animagus, and lily is dead otherwise why would she come out of voldemorts wand during priori incantatem? but this has been driving me crazy:
    JK has said that the colour and shape of lily’s eyes are of great importance. cats have green, almond shaped eyes. lily had red hair. crookshanks is a ginger cat. in POA lupin said that lily was “there for him at a time when no-one else was”. was he referring to when they were at school? or when he had returned to hogwarts to teach and there was no James or Peter or Sirius to transform and make his “time of the month” (lol) a little easier to bear.
    also i think snape is good. i agree with those of you who have said this too beacuse if he hadn’t made the unbreakable vow, bellatrix would have killed him on the spot. he then had to tell dumbledore what had happened and then told him he didn’t want to do it but dumbledore said he had made a promise and besides, dumbledore isn’t afraid of death. he convinces snape he has to commit this “ultimate act of evil” for the greater good. when dumbledore and harry return from the cave and apparate outside the three broomsticks, dumbledore is sick and dying and knows he’s close to death anyway so he sends harry to get snape, his intentions being that he and snape would then be alone for snape to fulfill his promise to narcissa and no-one would be any the wiser as harry would just assume that the potion had finished him off. i also agree that it’s self-hatred etched into snape’s face as he has to muster up all hatred inside him for the curse to work (we find this out in OOTP when harry tries to curse bellatrix). i don’t think draco is a killer. i think snape’s taken him into hiding as dumbledore promised he could “hide him more completely than he could ever imagine”. also if my R.A.B still in the cave theory is wrong, Dumbledore could actually have him in hiding as well.

  18. Will Fawkes play a role in the downfall of Voldemort?
    Is there any signifigence to the fact Neville bought the last wand Ollivander ever sold?
    Who will be the new secret keeper for the Order?
    What do Lily’s eyes have to do with anything?

    7-21-07 can’t get here fast enough.

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  20. Sorry Ben. Just trying to help out those who might be blocked from certain sites like I am. Fortunatly, Binary Moon isn’t one of them.

  21. I haven’t read the Potter books with fanatical attention, so forgive me if I make stupid mistakes, but these are my thoughts: Snape is still on the side of the ‘goodies’: Dumbledore is pleading to be killed, not to be allowed to live: a conscious act of self-sacrifice born of necessity. Snape clearly protects Harry (and Draco) subsequently, though he loses his temper when Harry calls him a ‘coward’. (I’ve gone off Harry a bit in the later books).
    Could the Horcrux be the fluid Dumbledore drank? It sounded like someone else’s voice – Tom Riddle’s conscience, perhaps, or the memories of the children terrified in the cave years before, pleading through Dumbledore as he drinks. Dumbledore’s death would be the sacrifice necessary to destroy the horcrux.
    I hope R.A.B. isn’t Regulus Black, who sprang to mind at once. Could it be Snape, or Riddle himself somehow – the part of Voldemort that is still Riddle?
    Would be interested to read other thoughts on this.
    Lalla M

  22. Incidentally, I think I heard somewhere that two main characters will be killed off in the seventh book: is this true, or did I imagine it? If true, I would put money on Snape and Hagrid: I think the trinity of Harry, Ron and Hermione must remain intact.
    Lalla M

  23. hey some thing just clicked in my mind. i didnt read all teh other comments, so this may have been said already.:D but, if the horux is in sirius’s old house, what if theat guy…. ummmmm…. i dont know his name the guy that harry saw in hogsmeade with the bag of stuff from siriuses house. do you spose the horux couldve been in the bag?why else would mrs.rowling include that in the story?
    write back

  24. Bringing the subject round to Aunt Petunia; she is obviously a witch. Mrs Figg was a huge surprise, and I think that J K Rowling is waiting to uncover this. I think that she will turn out to be a witch all along – and she is protecting Harry.
    She knows that “while Harry can call that place home, he will always be protected”. Dumbledore told her – but why does she care? Is she afraid of Dumbledore, and this is why she hates to admit to being a witch, but she still knows that she must protect Harry really? Or, is the fact that she couldn’t be a more Muggle-like Muggle a clever disguise.
    Also, in the Harry Potter books, there are 2 worlds – at home, and at Hogwarts. Since most of the characters never intercross, could Petunia actually be somebody who Harry knows anyway, in the wizarding world?
    Also, now Dumbledore is Dead, if theory one is correct, Petunia is no longer obliged to protect Harry, so what will happen now?

  25. By the way, does anywone know what RAB is in the German version of the OOP, because in the Philosopher’s Stone, the German version, Sirius Black is Sirius Black, not Sirius Schwarz – Hagrid said, when asked where he got the flying motorbike, “Der junge Sirius Black hat es mir geliehen” (Young Sirius Black lent it to me). Some people have said that the RAB in other language versions changed to RA (and whatever Black is in that language). This is not so in the German version, so what about any other languages?

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