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  1. OK I am going to write something that has really bothered me for a long time because I have a feeling it may be significant to the seventh book. I was wondering if anyone else remembered the text on the back of Dumbledore’s chocolate frog card and its assertion that Dumbledore helped Nicholas Flamel with his work on alchemy (and presumably his final creation of the philosopher’s stone). If this is true it seems likely that Dumbledore was just under 700 years old like Flamel himself as it seems that to have worked with Flamel on the original stone he would have had to have been born within Flamel’s first 70 years or so (before Flamel could die a natural death without help from the stone). Could it be possible that Dumbledore not only sealed Flamel’s death with the creation of the stone, but also his own? Maybe living for such a long time explains Dumbledore’s profound insight on the true nature of death and led Dumbledore to succumb to death without complaint if he felt it could somehow benifit the cause of the order of the phoenix. Maybe Dumbledore knew his natural death was near without the elixir of life from the sorcerors stone. The only problem with this theory is that Dumbledore showed noticeable signs of aging from Voldermort’s chilhood to Harry’s (his hair color changing from auburn to gray). But it does seem that Dumbledore’s aging process accleerated after the first book as Harry comments starting with the fourth book and into the fifth and sixth showed. I’m still not sure what the significance of this long life would be but I would like to hear what people think of the theory.

  2. I’ve heard people saying stuff (and not just on this site) about Dumbledore having made himself a horcux in Fawkes or something but come on, I mean Slughorn says to split your soul is like comiting a terrble crime against nature itself and you become dammed from the moment it takes place, you can’t just create horcuxes willy nilly at the drop of a hat. it is a terrible and unnatural form of magic and Dumbledore wouln’t split his soul. other than those ones theres some damm good ideas flying around here, keep it up.

  3. Wow, Neb, I feel like an idiot for not having noticed that one. Good spotting, that! And it raises all kinds of other questions. Was Dumbledore around when Hogwarts was started? Did he KNOW the founders of Hogwarts? What’s to stop him from creating another philosopher’s stone? What if someone uses the time-turner to go back in time to help Merope? Would Voldemort have turned out differently if he’d had a loving mother? Is that why Dumbledore was so interested in perusing Voldemort’s history—to see if it could have turned out differently?

    More questions–will Dumbledore’s portrait be able to talk to Harry? Does that only work with Hogwarts headmasters? What if someone painted portaits of Harry’s parents? Or Sirius?

    I keep rereading the boooks, thiking I’ll gain insight–but I just end up with more questions!

  4. oh yeah and regardless of Harry being a horcrux or not I still think he will die in the end, there have been references of it since the Philosopher’s stone. I know Treylawney is crazy but in book one during harrys first encounter with Firenze, Bane and Ronan, Bane asks Firenze what he told harry saying “Remember firenze, we are sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens. have we not read what is to come in the movments of the planets?”. And I think Severus is still on the good side and acted on Dumbledores orders to kill him if he must, he might not be the nicest guy but Dumbledore Knows real evil having tought and had a duel with Tom, and Snape isn’t evil just bitter. then again I could be wrong about harrys death as the prophecy implies that only one must die. I also think that it would spoil the story if Dumbledore came back as it would lift the sevierity of the situation. oh and incase you didn’t know the name Voldemort is French meaning “flight from death” indicating Voldemort’s fear of death, it should also be pronounced without the T as Rowling does herself even if they do pronounce the T in the movies. R.A.B is Regulus Arctulus Black, Rowling said this was his middle name in an interveiw. Also Regulus can be translated to “cor leonis” in latin, it is a star in the Leo constolation at the centere of the lion’s heart wich could mean Regulus wasn’t really a coward (lion heart) and sacrificed him self in an attemept to take take the horcrux and eventually destroy it but can’t figure out how do open it (the un-openable locket in Gimmauld place) before he is caught and killed. Also i believe that Mundungus does not sell the locket to the barkeeper of the Hogs head but gives it to him for safekeeping as the barkeeper is actually Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus’ brother as rowling has stated in an interveiw. Phew I think thats about it at the moment,sorry its abit long so thanks for reading it and tell me your thoughts.

  5. Look I think Neb and Amrick have had the best theories yet but…..I think your playing around too much that the idea of Dumbledore would have a horcrux. With all due respect i have read you posts and see that you have said yourselves for it to be unlikley and i thinnk the undieing soul in Fawkes is a great point but i just cant see Dumbledore doing it even with the Grindolwold theory, he wasnt an innocent and to make a horcux i think it would have to be from an act of overwhelming cruelty and killng in cold blood wich Dumbledore would never do. To tear ones soul apart is to mutilate yourself in such a way that you are “less human”. It is implied that the result of Voldemort’s continuous vandilsim of his own soul is what leads him to look so inhuman. I agree that sharing Harrys blood will undoubtebly prove highly important but the idea of teaching him to love is absured, he isn’t even human anymore and his consumed by power and the magical ties with his horcruxes make him more magic than he is man as he is (or at some point was) tied to seven of them and he only has 1/7 of a soul bringing meaning to Hagrids comment in chapter four book 1 on page 46 “some say he died.Codswallop in my oppinion. Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die”. The fact is that he will nevr feel a single bit of remorse for any of his actions. He is too wrapped up in hate and a self loathing misery. the fact that in book 6 when Dumbledore visits him in the orphanage and he seems distaned at the sound of the name Tom he shares with others shows that even at this age he wants to be dissconnected with anything that gives him any kind of affinity with other people, seeing himself as above such things.Of course Dumbledore sees this but thinks he could learn to let people in at Hogwarts and maybe make freinds but as you know he doesn’t and never will. He isn’t human enough to love anymore.

  6. Ppl after reading abt the dutch translations of the HBP, I think the RAB isue is quite over, I mean if it is done by professional, he wouldnt jus put any sorta initials n stuff, and JKR wouldn wanna mislead her readers (even if they are Dutch), so she could have told the translators who RAB is or something like that, even if it meant revealing some secret.
    What do you ppl think????

  7. MF#502
    I dont think time-turners would be an option, because, like in POA, whatever events took place in a particular time period, were true for all, like it was Harry and not his father who created the Patronaus and Buckbeak nver actually died, etc. So if something has already taken place in someway, it cannot be undone. And Nhl Nick explaind stuff abt ghosts and potraits to harry in the end of OOTP, if u read it again ud know that Harrys parents and Sirius cant be visible in potraits, etc.

  8. I still think it’s possible that R.A.B. stands for something other than a person’s name…

  9. Yeah, it could be an organization or secret society or whatever. Everybody’s all shouting Regulus like it is the answer, but it just seems too easy to work out.

  10. Did anyone read my post (#501) about Dumbledore’s age. I want to see if anyone thinks it is possible, or significant.

  11. Ok I am pretty sure abt RAB, but then its ur decision, and abt the secret society and stuff, If it was a secret society, why would the note refer to the writer as I, and if it is a society, maybe there would be a mention abt it in earlier books r sumthin. So much for RAB, lets not get into debates abt him/it/them.
    What do you people think about Bill being scratched and wounded by Fenrir GB. Maybe thats also got something to do with the future plot, maybe like there is a occasion Harry (or Ron) has to fight him.
    And the thing abt the muggle PM, he also may have some part to play, maybe to deveat voldy, wizards might have to take the help of muggles coz just like mentioned before JK likes to link stuff from previous books. And its official that this book was just the intro to the next, it may have lotz of relevant stuff.

  12. Hey Neb, anything is possible, but if DD was actually that old, it would be tough for the makers of those cards to miss that fact…. But then if it is used later, dont you think it would apper sorta blunt that in 6 years, no wizard ever spoke to Harry ant DD being like 700

  13. Yes, Neb, I noticed (see my post–#503)! I think you did catch something important. JKR wouldn’t have made a mistake like THAT!!!!!!

  14. i agree with the people who say that maybe snape really did have to kill dumbledore. snape has proved in books before that he’s just trying to help. Like in the first book, when querrill tried to kill harry, snape was trying to save him. Everyones first thought was that snape was trying to kill harry. So, that being said, the first though is that snape is guilty. But, maybe like before, we are all wrong in believing that snape is responsible and he really did have a reason for killing dumbledore. i dont know if that sounds like i’m just copying what everyone else is saying but i just wanted to say so anyway.Also about RAB, i think its possible that its sirius’ brother because JKR always forshadows people, events, and things. That would lead us only to a conclusion that it is him or its not. i just cant wait till the next book!! just to give poeple a suggestion, by reading the books over and over agian, you come to understand things more that happened in HBP even in the FIRST book it forshadows things that will happen later on, and actually do in the most recent books. So that was just an idea.

  15. i rekon it was a bit weak the wad DD was killed. Im thinking it was planned so Snape could get closer to Vol to help harry in the end were he ends up helping Harry to kill Vol. there is more to Ginny than meets the eye and R.A.B thing is a red H.

  16. Cpt. Cool 504-

    If the locket in Grimmauld Place was THE locket, why would it still be unopenable? Haha!

  17. As for the mention of Fenrir Greyback in an earlier post, wouldn’t it make more sense if Lupin and/or bill killed him, because he was the one who bit them. I just remembered that one of the OWL examiners said that he remembered Dumbledore as a student and said, “Did things with a wand that i’ve never seen before,” or something like that. Sorry Neb and co. No immortal Dumby

  18. I agree that DD would never make horcruxes himself.

    Oh, yeah. Just because Regulus’ name means brave heart or whatever doesn’t mean that he switched his allegiance. All parents give their children named with lofty meanings. I mean, its not like they would name him something that meant “poopy traitor boy” in latin or anything. Especially in a family as high on themselves as the Blacks.

    Also, Harry or Voldemort has to die. THose who think Harry is going to die are either very depressed and pessimistic or just ignorant. Sorry if that was harsh.

    At this point, I am almost sure that Snape is good. He has saved both Harry and DD countless times when he could have just let them die or kill them and was almost certainly in love with Lily. Those who can love are not usually tied so closely with evil (especially in HP). Snape’s love for Lily drove him to fight for her values and totally explains his hatred for both Harry and James.

    Slughorn, who DD praised as a very skilled wizard and immaculate potion maker, might turn fully into the good side to redeem himself for stirring the interest in horcruxes that led Voldemort to become partly immortal and possibly become Harry’s guide on his quest to destroy the horcruxes.

  19. Correct me if i’m wrong, but when Snape killed Dumbledor didnt Dumbledor say: “Severus.. Please”
    Instead of saying “Severus.. Please Don’t”

    I may think that Snape and Dumbledor has a “secret” friendship, and that Snape knew that Dumbledor was going to die anyway. And that Dumbledor would wrather die in “fight” then die as an old man!
    And when Snape ran from Harry after killing Dumbledor he kept screaming ” No… have you forgotten our orders? Potter belongs to the Dark Lord – we are to leave him ! Go! Go!”

    Maybe Snapes trying to protect Harry in that moment

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  21. okay a random theory abt. the whole harry-is-a-horcrux thing…voldemort wanted to make a horcrux when he went to godric’s hollow…he killed james,and wanted to make it in harry (the boy who he decided the prophecy was about)…altho DD says its not preferable to make one in a living being, who knows with V…so he asks lily to move aside, because he already killed james and will be able to make the horcrux. But lily refuses, and thus transfers the power of love to harry…since V did not expect this protection, he is unable to hurt harry, and can only mark him with the scar. So the plan is foiled, and V also loses his powers (how I dont know!). Early in Book 1, DD says to McGonagall that they can only guess about what went on that night. Although I dont really think Harry was intended to be a horcrux, V saw lily’s killing as being unecessary; which prompted me to come up with this!

  22. hi.this is my first post…i must say its a pleasure to read all the other posts…there are lots of great thoughts here…i personally had a few ideas and would like to share them here..
    Here is what i think….i heard someone somewhere saying that in the end harry is going to show voldemort the error of his ways ..or in other words remove the evil outta him..wonder how that could be done?…if we think about the real reason behind tom riddles turn to the evil isnt it hidden in his past…i mean his childhood .On the night of his return in Gof if we’d remember didnt he get all sentimental about his dad betraying his mom….but later on we learn that it was not the truth as dd showed us and harry …so he certainly has sum misconceptions about his family….maybe if harry cud show him the truth ..and make him realise the true love that tom’s mother had for his muggle father (which ultimately led to her death and caused her father to turn away)…his core hatred towards love would decrease sumhow…any views?although i cud be completely wrong

    again i had a doubt about snape which i was hoping to get some answers on..i re read Gof and found something interesting…in the trial that harry sees in the pensieve..we hear karkaroff saying snape’s name and DD defending him saying “Severus Snape
    was indeed a Death Eater. However, he rejoined our side before Lord Voldemort’s downfall and turned spy for us, at great personal risk.”…..REJOINED? does it mean to say that he was originally on the order’s side??…also DD says that snape joined the order prior to VD’s downfall…but i thought DD said to harry later that snape felt remorse over the killing of his parents and thus joined our side.but wasnt that the day of downfall of DD..which means to say that snape joined the orders side after the downfall of VD…which completely contradicts what dd is sayin…..can anybody clarify this???(iam not really good at explaining things so forgive me if i sound all confusing)

    also as someone pointed out earlier snape’s mom eileen prince and tom riddle shud hav been together at hogwarts during the same year rite….in that case i believe there should hav been some kindof connection between them..not that iam saying tom riddle would hav been in love with her or anything but jk doesnt usually put in a name without anymeaning….also this would explain to sum extent the reason why voldemort trusts snape so much because nobody ever put much thought into what snape did to earn so much trust from Vd…any views?

  23. the knight bus driver (stan shunpike) is definitely voldemort in disguise. if u think i am wrong, here are my reasons:
    1 the portrait of the fat woman who was defiled by sirius in the 4nd book said that the death eaters inspected every stop made by the knight bus, and that they like rasberry cream pie.
    2 remember when stan told harry that he was voldemort in disguise? that may mean something.
    3 i also heard that in the 7th book barny rubble makes a guest appearance as a horcrux, and the 1,655,732nd word was: ate. that may be exactly the kind of proof that we need. ya dig?

    (please put this in because i told my friend that i knew you because she is your biggest fan and so i need to have something on your site. pleasy pleasy pleasy please.

  24. Everyone – you can all stop now. Dave has clearly solved everything. With evidence like this there is no need for the final book.

  25. but on a more serious note:
    i have a question: was snape really half-blood, and it is kind of wierd that if he was that the death eaters let him join at all, because he did not even try to hide being half blood. this must mean that none of them know how powerful he is…and so he will kill them all maybe…. and i second the thing about fred and george i think they are very powerful and it will be a great showdown hopefully, like superbowl XXVI.

  26. Dave, I wholeheartedly agree. You are a one-of-a-kind thinker. i can’t wait for the showdown between fred and george and the death eaters. By golly, that is a great matchup! Okely dokely. Tell me what you think, dave.

  27. post #522 is thinking along the same pattern that I am (post 463). Amelia Bones was head of magical law enforcement and is now reported to be one of V’s most recent victims as reported in the Daily Profitt in HBP, and her neice Susan Bones was a member of the DA. The note in the locket says that the writer of it expects to be dead by the time this note is discovered.
    Also, in OOP, when they were cleaning out the glass cabinets in the drawing room (the noble and most ancient house of black chapter) they discovered a many-legged pair of tweezers that scutteled up Harry’s arm like a spider when he picked it up, and Sirius seized it, and smashed it with a heavy book entitled “Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy” This book should contain all the info Harry needs to find out who is related to who. I think Harry will return to Grimmauld Place and discover lots of things Kreatcher has stashed away, and remember, Lilly had red hair just like the Weasleys.

  28. Regulus APLPHARD Black is the full name, I read it somewhere on the net,

    But I also think that maybe the A in RAB could stand for “And” as two people are needed to get through the green potion.

    In the note it said about “I face death in the hope that one day you will be mortal”… so the person knew that they would die trying to aquire the horcrux. Regulus was a coward so why would he want to risk his life in order to kill voldemort.

    I agree also with harry being a horcrux himself…maybe it was voldemorts plan all along to make Harry into a horcrux because even if someone killed voldemorts body (be it harry) then he would still be alive and no one would think of harry being a horcrux, only when harry died would voldemort then be able to die.


    Okay, this might be a little far-fetched but:

    The name of the Ministry Apparitions Instructor is Wilkie Twycross. For starters, Wilkie is an unusual name. The only other time I’ve run across it was Willkie Collins, author of “The Moonstone.” Read on:

    ””’The Moonstone””’ (1868) by Wilkie Collins is a 19th-century sensation novel, which is as well now sometimes considered to be the first mystery novel in the English language. It tells the story of events surrounding the disappearance of a mysterious yellow diamond, upon which a curse was placed. The novel is told the story in the view of a first person narrative. The responsibility of narrating, however is passed to several characters throughout the book. This lends to many different viewpoints creating an enthralling novel. The book is widely regarded as the precursor of the modern mystery and suspense novels. T. S. Eliot called it the first, the longest, and the best of modern English detective novels. It contains a number of ideas which became common tropes of the genre, including a crime being investigated by talented amateurs who happen to be present when it is committed,…. In his later years, Collins grew severely addicted to laudanum and as a result suffered from paranoid delusions, the most notable being his conviction that he was constantly accompanied by a doppelganger he dubbed Ghost Wilkie. The novel is also examined nowadays from a post-colonial viewpoint, as its portrayal of three mysterious Indians who play an integral role in its plot seems unusually positive for a book of its time.

    And Twycross–could that be an allusion to a “triple-cross?” Is Snape not just double-crossing, but triple-crossing? And which side does that put him on? (Whom did he first double-cross?) Where does Malfoy figure into this?


  30. Imagine if harry put some of his thoughts into a pensieve then he could show people some truly important events and even be able to put his own thoughts into perspective… his meetings with voldemort…he could even dig around for the memory of when voldemort tried to “kill” him and see what really happened.

    maybe people from the order would be able to understand the memories more than harry can and maybe that way they can get more information on horcruxes and ultimately on how to defeat voldemort.

    #108 Amrick you got some really good theories there!

  31. this is just i thought…. but could their be some simalarities between dumbledores defeat against ‘the great dark wizard grindelwald’ and harry’s task, mabey this is why dumbledore feels so close to harry??
    right hagrid says in book 1 that voldemort started getting followers about 20 years ago. dumbledore defeated grindelwald in 1945( on chocolate frog card~ has given information before?!), how old would dumbledore have been when he defeated him??? could this give us clues, eg did dumbledore face a horcux???
    and one last thing before i go does anyone know anything about the word grindelwald- meenings ect.

  32. Personaly, I think Harry IS a horcrux. Weather it is him or his scar im not sure, but I think this would be smart for Voldemort to do, because if Harry had “defeated” voldemort he really wouldnt’ have unless he is able to kill himself. I know you may be thinking why would voldemort want to kill one of his own horcruxes, but after killing Harry wouldn’t he just be able to go and make another because he had killed another person? Not only would this add and extreme effect on the story, but it would almost put through the whole love theme. Because Harry would have to have enough courage to be able to kill himself for the sake of the rest of the wisarding world, and also the muggles. By killing himself he would be doing something a lot like his mom did, and how she died for Harry. If JKR did this i think it would make an amazing ending and would be a good way to end the book (even though i dont want harry to die!)

    Next, at first I was so convinced that RAB was Regulas, but now after seeing some of the posts, im thinking it might be Amelia Bones. Because its always said how regulas was such a coward and all and i dont know if he would go through all that trouble if he really is. #530 says most of this backing it up more and I agree with you 100%!

    Also the whole “dumbledore is not dead” thing, I mean come on guys you knew it was gonna happen, get over it hes dead! You know it would ruin the book if he WAS alive, because it would be no good if dumbledoor did evrything for harry. Im sure in the next book harry will talk to him and get advice threw his portrait in the school, but hes not in hiding or still out there in anyway!

    Snape… im still not really sure what to belive about this man. Personaly i think hes good, but i dont know, i could be TOTALLY wrong! I think DD death was all a set up and that is why they were fighting. Also when the other death eaters were there he was polite in almost a funny way, showing them he doesnt care if he dies or not. But when snape came he started “pleading” i think this was him saying you need to kill me instead of please dont. Cause if they didnt plan it he would have done the same thing with snape as all the others. Also DD was serioulsy stalling with them so they wouldnt kill him before snape came.

    Feel free to reply on what you think and all!!

  33. holly i fink u r right, this is very farfetched but maybe DD had a phrochey just like harrys hence the reason he is so close to harry and has helped him alot

  34. What I want to know is why didn’t Fawkes at least try to rescue DD if he was in real danger. Fawkes always comes up with a way to appear and save DD or Harry, even when it seems impossible (ie the Chamber o Secrets). If DD didn’t want to die, then Fawkes would’ve come to help him (maybe pick up his wand and give it to him). It makes it seem like DD set it up w/ Snape or it happened so quickly and unexpectedly that Fawkes didn’t have time to react.

  35. #536: It cant be amelia Bones, for two reasons. 1. because her middle name is Susan. 2. The Swedish and Dutch words for “bone” are ben and schonk. This goes against the Swedish and Dutch versions, whose initials are RAS and RAZ. The workfor Black in Swedish and Dutch, is Svaarn and Zwarn.

    It has to be a black.

    So Whic Black?

    a) RAB = Regulus (A?) Black. It is traditional Brit custom to give your son’s middle name as your uncle, and Regulus’ uncles name is Alphard. Regulus is the front runner and he could very well be the one (explained below)

    b) some other Black that there is no way for us to know

    c) (R?) Alphard Black (the aforementioned Sirius’ uncle). We know he is Sirius’ uncle, because Sirius said so. Alphard was a good wizard, and was supposedly a strong one.


  36. Args against Args against Regulus Black:

    1) He was a weak magician

    -If he did it with his house elf Kreacher, he could probably have beenable to get the locket. The boat, remember, could only hold one adult wizard, but it didnt say anyhting about an underage wizard (Harry) or another magical creater (a house elf). Plus, we know that house elves have magical powers magicians dont.

    -We now that weak magicians can do lots of things without being good at strong spells (see Gilderoy Lockhart)

    -Its possible that Regulus was trusted to hide the locket like Malfoy was trusted with the Diary. In this case, Regulus could have had a changeof heart once he realized LVs intentions.


    the same agruments could be used with R. Alphard Black

    THANKS! If anyone has anything else, lemme know

  37. BTW, there’s nothing in the book that Regulus middle name is Alphard. Anything on the web is just someone making an assumption.

  38. A lot of you are saying that rab cant be regulus because he was weak.
    Think about who the reference for this information is: It was Sirius and he isnt objective when it comes to members of his family, is he?
    What I mean is, its probably just Sirius own opinion because he couldnt stand regulus because he was a death eater and the “perfect son” in their parents eyes.
    So that why the argument regulus was to dumb or weak doesnt could in my opinion

  39. Dumbledore himself said that It would take more than 1 person 2 retrieve the locket so it could verry well B Rookwood, Avery, Bode.

  40. I’m going to close the comments on this because the same things are being said repeatedly. I’ll do a summary post later so that you can continue the conversation. For now you can check out the Harry Potter Category for the other Harry Potter posts on Binary Moon.

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