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  1. shaikh, that is just wierd, i doubt he is an animagus that could turn into a pheonix, because he would be registered, adn he isnt, though it’d be funny though. Also i think it is only possible to be normal creatures, not magical, otherwise this would be pointless.

  2. i think were all thinking really deep, and j.k knows that so thats why she’d put the answer right in front of us. But, Dumbledore is dead, as mentioned in posts above, because JK even said it.

  3. My thinking in that post ( although wrong) came from the fact that phoenix’s die in a flame (like dumbledore’s burrial chest or something that burst into flames) and are reborn. This would give J.K. enough reason to say that dumbledore is dead but just as dead a phoenix would be. Obviously the problems in my thinking are apparent, and are explained in post 900 by mikedagr8, another problem would be that as far as I know ( or have read in the book) dumbledore’s phoenix die’s of old age and is born again and again from the ashes, but not killed by avada kedavra and then born again.

  4. shaikh, it is not hopeless, because i think that the pheonix does take an AK, in Ootp (the battle at the Ministry of Magic). I am not sure but i do not have the books so i can not say, but if i am correct, not all is lost for that point of view, just i don’t think it will happen.

  5. Well in my opinion I think that Snape is evil. I do not think that Dumbledore is pleading for his life, I think that in the end he has realised that he has been tricked and that his trust has lead to nothing.

    I think R.A.B may be Regulus but then again it may be someone we have yet to meet J.K would not make an obvious thing like that up unless its a Red Herring e.g the Mark Evans fiasco.

    Dumbledore is definitely dead but may somehow be able to help Harry but J.K has made a definite point of ensuring she get the point accross that he wont be seen again alive. e.g The potrait where it says blah blah blah potraits of dead hogwarts headmasters and headmistresses.

    It will be something along the lines of love that will be used to kill Volde i dont think that harry will pull out the AK but maybe the love in voldes veins may prevent him using an Ak on harry giving him the time to finish volde??

    I also think lupin and greyback will fight it out to the death

  6. yes fawkes definetly did take an ak curse for dumbledore. Somehow dumbledore and fawkes have some type of communication system. When DD was almost killed in Ministry of Magic fawkes flew in front of him to save him. In the camber of secrets dumbledore sent harry the sorting hat and fawkes took it down to the chamber. So mayb a piece of dumbledore’s soul is in fawkes?

  7. A personal theory which seems plausible given the information that we already have:
    When Dumbledore drinks (or makes Harry force him to drink) the potion covering the locket in the Cave, he himself turns into a Horcrux. Maybe the potion had the property of turning the drinker into a Horcrux. Probably Dumbledore knew of such advanced magic (or had an inkling of it) and explains why Dumbledore or Harry couldn’t have done the journey to the cave on their own. Once Dumbledore realises that he has now effectively become Voldemort’s Horcrux, he communicates this to Snape via Legilimancy on the terrace and actually pleads to him to kill him. As I see it, there really wasn’t a way out for him.

    This also fits in with two other seemingly confusing plot points:
    1. Why Snape kills Dumbledore even though Dumbledore trusts him – turns out Snape really was a good guy after all.
    2. Why Dumbledore immobilises Harry before Snape enters the terrace.

    Still thinking about it. Will build on this and post later.

  8. With the liquid being a horcrux, i have expressed my thoughts previously and stand by them, what are your opinions now of this Sunit Khot? (post 886 is my reference.)

  9. Sorry, there were too many posts to read and I missed reading this one before putting forth my theory.

    You do raise some pertinent points, mikedagr8. However, I did not say the potion was the horcrux itself. I theorised that the potion had the property of turning the drinker into a horcrux. Small point, might seem as splitting hair, but it does have some interesting ramifications.
    Only an extraordinarily powerful wizard would be able to reach the horcrux in the first place – given its location. Voldemort may have planned it cleverly so that an oppoent who is worthy enough to reach the horcrux would have to necessarily commit suicide to only kill a sixth of Voldemort’s soul. That’s why it is necessary that the drinker becomes the horcrux and not the drink itself.
    What say?

  10. Another point that can be explained with this theory is why Snape gets angry with Harry when he calls him a coward. Apparently, his bravest act in his life was to kill Dumbledore for a larger purpose.

    (Continuing my earlier post #909)

  11. Novice Here. Interesting Theory.


    Is Harry’s death the only way to stop Voldemort?

    We all know, althought not expressly so, that Dumbledore asks Snape to kill him, but what does this have to do with protecting Harry, IS HE TEACHING HARRY THE POWER OF SACRIFICE??


  12. one thing- luna lovegood with all her nonsense and father editor of the Quibbler, how did she get into ravenclaw? she may be smarter than others in believing her fathers stories…

  13. yes, very nice dan excellent theory. I forgot all about it mayb she knows a lot about the afterlife because of her mother’s death.

  14. hey! a cant believe how many people think that harry is a horcrux! if you read the message posted by EHSShiniGami they make a very good point that it would be impossible for harry to be a horcrux! Alot of people are thinking about the story and what would make a good ending but i like you all need to think more realisticly about what jk rowling as a person is like. i know jk rowling quite well although i cant say how and she is very down to earth and not the type of person the brings people back from the dead! although i dont know anymore than you do about the story of harry potter think about how many times dumbledore tells harry that people cannot come back from the dead so why would the man who spoke these wise word go back on them himself??? you all have some great and exciting theories but i like alot of them are just that. i’m not sure about regulus being R.A.B because it is just so obvious but i think it is someone who has been mentioned in the books before but maybe not by name??? i’m sure they will play a role in the last book though. i also think that dumbledore, although dead, will also play a huge part in the last book as well.

  15. has any1 heard about harry getting a new pet in deathly hallows. many people have guessed at farks(the phoenix) or buckbeack(the hippogriff) but i think that it could be norbert the dragon from the first book. on the front cover of the deluxe edition of deathly hallows in the US it shows harry, ron and hermione riding on the back of a dragon,lol. this could be true and i have not heard of anyone else with this theory. if any1 agrees with me please leave a message telling me,lol. harry potter can not die or it will be the end of the world, no, universe. also harry is not a horcrux and dumbledore could also have a scar. i heard this somewhere but cant remember where. it had something to do with the last word of the book. again,plaese contact me to agree or disagree and tell me why and what you think of my theories.

  16. i think harry is a horrcrux on page 333 of hp2 DD is xplaining why harry is a parsletounge and says ” you can speak parsletounge harry said DD because Lord V. who is the last remaining ancestor of Salazar slytherin can speak parsletounge. unless im much mistaken he transferred some of his own powers into to you the night hegave you that scar not something he intened to do im sure

    so Lord V. put a bit of him self in me harry said

    it seems so”

    tell me what you think

  17. i dont think DD is dead cause noboy else got blasted when they got hit by the AK is it posible to say a spell but do a nvbl spell in hp6 at the funeral i think there is a flash of light like when fawkes teleports i think fawkes teleported the i think live DD out of the tomb then.

  18. i know the last words of the book, but i do not wish to ruin it for everyone else, like my friends ruined it for me. But the words have been changed, and it is now drastic to what it was before.

  19. have any of you ever considered that Zacharias Smith is the heir of Hufflepuff? here is my reasoning:
    1. Hepzibah Smith was a descendent of Helga Hufflepuff and had the hufflepuff cup.
    2. he is in hufflepuff.
    I know smith is a common name but this theory may have some basis in fact. i don’t know. Please comment

  20. #923 izzy-
    you could be right,
    like slughorn did favour smith alot, because of his father, or someone.But it could be the same thing, like u said how alot of people could have that name
    like the mark evans thingy.

    i feel stupid for asking this, but what does it mean about the prophecy?im a huge huge huge fan, but i never understood.i mena, ive read the whole series, and re read the 6th, but it always confused me. like i know the prophecy means one must kill the other etc, but what else did it say? i dont feel like re opening my OOTP. can someone please explain the whole prophecy thing?

  21. I have a theory that Dumbledore was an animagus of a phoenix and when he was cremated at his funeral he was being reborn and the phoenix that flew out of the flames was Dumbledore. .. but I havn’t got any further yet so tell me what you think.

  22. to HP-924- yeah the prophecy said that the wizard who would have the power to “vanquish the Dark Lord” would be born “as the 7th month dies”. This could either have been Harry or Neville.

    Snape overheard the FIRST part of the prophecy and told Voldemort. The second part of the prophecy, which Voldemort never heard, said that the child will have “power the Dark Lord knows not” and Voldemort “will mark him as his equal” and that “neither can live while the other survives”.

    So Voldemort, having only heared the FIRST part of the prophecy, had to choose between either Harry or Neville as the boy that he believed the prophecy referred to (because both of them had been born at the end of July). He did not know that the child would be his downfall. So he chose Harry for his own reasons, and in doing so, Voldemort “marked him as his equal,” Harry got “power the Dark Lord knows not,” and now “neither can live while the other survives”–thereby fulfilling the second part of the prophecy.

  23. wow, thanks Lindsay. tht did help for me. So, does each and every prophecy has to be fufilled?
    or is it just that since the prophecy is saying that somone can ‘vanquish’ the dark lord, that voldy is scared, and wants to kill him?then that doesnt fullly mean that harry is a horcrux, abt all that.

    i forget which website it was,i think muggelnet, but it gave a list of rumours that werent true, and was confirmed by J.K, i remember soemething abt crookshanks, and mrs noorris werent animaugaus. and dumbledore, i as well all should know by now, gone, but he will return, in portraits or w.e.

  24. Alright, this has been stuck in my head ever since I read the third book again after reading the sixth book and knowing everything to come.

    When Harry prevents Sirius and Lupin from killing Peter, one of the characters (I forget who it was, i think it was Lupin) tells Harry that saving Peter was not a waste. That Harry and he was now and forever share a special bond.

    And in the wizard world, i think these bonds are really meaningful (i mean, snape saved harry in the first book and we later learn that he saved him because he owed james).

    And then in the fourth book, peter completely does the exact opposite and basically sets up Harry to be killed.

    Then i realized peter is not metioned at all in the fifth book and then is suddenly re-introduced (very briefly) in the sixth. And he is working for Snape.

    It works perfectly! Now that Peter is forced to work for Snape, he’ll probably develop a huge dis-liking for Snape. And then later in the seventh book, Harry and Snape may come down to a huge fight inwhich Pete may sacrifice himself in order to save Harry (and might kill Snape in the making). Thus finishing Harry and Peter’s special bond.

    I dont know if that’s right because there’s someother stuff going around and i havent heard anything about Peter, but i have a feeling JKR brought him back in the sixth book for a reason.

  25. i think this was mentioned how the 2 phoenix tails could cross out eachother, and then voldemort has no other thing to defeat harry with, but harry has love right? like at the graveyard, the ones harry loved was there, helping him. “the power the dark lord knows not of” is well, ovbiously love. so if the wands cancel out, then harry has love etc. but everyones saying how olivander is gone missing and how voldy could be getting hom to make another wand or w.e. but, well i j.k mentioned love throught the whole series, then the fact that harry and voldy sharre the same wands could mean it cancels out, and then harry uses old magic-love.

    idunno, but what you think?

  26. You’re welcome HP! glad I could help1
    Yea I’m pretty sure that every prophecy has to be fulfilled. Like in the case of Voldemort’s and Harry’s prophecy, Voldemort tried to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled by his attempted murder of Harry- but he didn’t know the second part of the prophecy, so when his powers backfired and marked Harry as his equal, that fulfilled the second part of the prophecy (how ironic!). So one way or another, each prophecy will be fulfilled eventually.
    It doesn’t mean that Harry is a Horcrux. It just means that Voldemort attempted to kill off the boy who he believed would be a threat to him and was unsuccessful, just as the prophecy said he would be.

  27. To anyone thinking that Dumbledore is an animagus, especially a pheonix consider the following.
    1 he is not registered
    2 no one ever states it
    3 all knwon aniamgi have turned into ordinary creatures
    4 Dumbledore is immortal now? Hmm, i thought he was dead 😛

    also it contradicts his character i feel, so take this into consideration and if you still feel the same, provide something to prove your theory.

  28. Is it possible that in the cover art they are standing in hogwarts under the enchanted ceiling.

  29. can any1 answer this question 4 me?
    couldn’t voldemort turn into a ghost since people who are either afraid of death or not ready for death can change to ghost form when dead. i think nearly headless nick mentioned sumthing about this or it could of been dumbledore or someone else for that matter

  30. (i just realized that a couple other people said the same theory i had, but at least i explained it 🙂
    sorry guys 🙂

    the other theory that was stuck in my head was neville being the actual chosen one.
    i dont know if it’s true, but i always thought it was weird how all those things happened to HIM
    “why is it always me?” – neville
    (the broom accident, the pixie incident ect)

    and then with dumbledore putting a horcurx on fawkes or anything, i dont think he would.
    i mean, to make a horcrux, you have to kill. and i dont think dumbledore would go that far.

    wadda ya think?

  31. I think Dumbledore knew he had to die all year long, when harry tries to explain he clearly hears but dismisses it.

  32. Meghan 934, well ive also thouht of nevielle being the real chosen one, because it was between harry and him. But, in the movie, OOTP, they never mentioned nevielle in it at all, and im pretty sure if nevielle had anithign to do with the prophecy, j.k wouldve forced the directors to add that in it, but he wasnt mentioned to be the other one. But, i still do think that maybe it could be neviell..?

    & yeah, i dont believe that dumbledore would have fawkes as a horcrux, because, hes not a man that would kill. & he didnt kill grindewald, he defeated him..i think?

  33. omg the whole harry potter book has been leaked and its genuine i cnt bring myself 2 read it, i read one spoiler at bittorrent.com n i cudnt go any further! its 2 hard
    lets keep these forums for gettin spoilers ont them as it may ruin ppls story its only a few days ppl

  34. ltd, how do we know it’s genuine? I’m afraid to look at it just in case, but i’m not so sure it could be real.

  35. I doubt its real, would have been all in the news. Anyway, scholastic has enough money to fund a shadow writer to write the book just for leaking it. But how did he get the book before 12.01 midnight 21July.

  36. well apparently a company in the USA “accidnetally” mailed a few copies before they were ment to b and then one lucky person has taken pitures of every page (put them on the net) and from that ppl have put up the spoilers however they still may not be genuine as it is noted that some pages are extremly difficult to read and nead photoship to zoom in etc.
    i also read that JK has stated that some of the leaked info is true but u neva know but i will be queing up to nite so that i can read the genuine book i hope by next week we will b able to compare our views on the book

  37. If All Of You Have A Brain No Offences But Dumbledore Actually Said That The Sixth Horcrux Has A Better Chance Of Being Something Of Godric Gryffindor Or Rowena Ravenclaw,
    Firstly, Dumbledore Cant Be A Horcrux Because It Says That Even If A Living Thing Is A Horcrux They Could Still Have Control Of It, I Mean Dumbledores Also A Really Powerful Wizard So How Would You Expect Lord Voldemort To Rip Up Dumbledore Apart And Put A Soul In There And Have Dumbledore Come Back To Life, Thats Nearly Impossible, I Actually Have Some Suggestions About Something Of Godric Gryffindor, It Might Actually Be The Gryffindor Sword, Or I Think It Might Be Fawkes Because Fawkes If You All Dont Know Holds A Strong Amount Of Magical Powers Because If You Remember, Phoenix’s Reborn From The Ash’s So How Do You Know That Fawkes Might Not Have Been A Property Of Godric Gryffindor Himself, But Dont Go To Deep Into My Theory Thinking Godric Gryffindor Might Actually Be Fawkes Because I Think His Anamagus Is A Lion Thats Why A Lion Represents Gryffindor On The Coats Of Armour.
    Secondly, Harry Cannot Be A Horcrux Because His Scar As Everyone Should Know Is The Main Point Why Harry Is Actually So Powerful, The Scar Might Actually Be An Accident When Lily And James Potter Provided The Ultimate Protection For Harry Representing The Love But Lord Voldemorts Power Was Linked To It When He Approached To Kill Harry, It Also Says Two Characters Die And Its The Main Ones Too, I Have A Thinking Of It Being Hermione And Ron Because Everyone Sort Of Have An Idea that Hermione And Ron Are A Couple So As It Says Hermione And Ron Would Follow Harry, They Might End Up In A Fight Against Voldemort And To Save Harry Maybe They Actually Produced Love From A Book That Hermione Read.
    I Think That The Two Way Mirror Given To Harry By Sirius Is Going To Be A Big Deal As It Says.

  38. If anyone has read the Arthurian legend of the holy grail, they might be able to find some clues on the horcruxes, and the meaning of the title. EXERT: Because once upon a time, there were four founders of Hogwarts who were the keepers of four holy relics: the plate that Jesus used at the Last Supper, the kiddush cup from the same, Longinus’ spear, and the sword that slew St. John the Baptist, or which St. Peter used on Malchus. (Or maybe the actual Instruments of the Passion. Though, to be honest, the Byzantine Empire did a pretty good job of distributing bits and pieces of most of the Instruments in bits and pieces all around Europe and the Mideast.)

    We know Godric Gryffindor had a sword. UPDATE: Brandon points out in the comments below that Helga Hufflepuff had a cup. We don’t know what the other Founders had… though of course the Horcruxes may well be involved. So whether we’re talking the Grail stuff called Hallows or the Irish/Scottish ones or even a few of the Welsh Thirteen Treasures… it’s entirely possible that turning Hogwarts Hallows into Horcruxes would make them truly Deathly.

    For more good theories, go to this site http://suburbanbanshee.wordpress.com/2006/12/22/harry-peredur-and-the-holy-grail-er-deathly-hallows-of-hogwarts/
    It includes theories on Dumbledore/Harry Potter relationship, hangman theories, etc.

    But back to the horcrux vs. holy grail theory. It seems very likey, doesn’t it, especially since J.K. has used mythology before.

  39. Another Harry Potter vs. Mythology theory is one that involves a norse myth of the death of Thor(harry potter) and Odin(dumbledore), his mentor. Also, there is a serpent(voldemort), and a wolf(fenrir).
    This is from the site:
    In this myth, the Aesir (good guys) fought the monsters and giants led by the god Loki (bad guys). The bizarre thing is, everyone knew what was going to happen beforehand because of a prophecy (like Trelawny’s in OotP). The deaths of all four: Odin, Thor, Fenrir, and the Midgard Serpent (and many others) were foretold. Odin is slain, and then, in an epic battle, Thor and the Serpent kill each other. They had battled each other before and it ended in a stalemate (SS, CoS).

    Dumbledore and Odin are very closely related. Dumbledore fell from grace with the public, as did Odin with his followers. They are described similarly, both wearing peculiar hats, having long beards, and being very wise. Odin basically is the template for the design of the contemporary wizard. He also paid for his wisdom by losing the faith of his followers, just as Dumbledore’s knowledge of Voldemort and of various things concerning Harry, scared a lot of people off or annoyed them.

    Also, remember “Dumbledore’s Army” from OotP? Odin had an army of the dead which he kept in his great hall, Valhalla, kind of like Hogwarts under Dumbledore, which he would use against the dark forces at the end of all things, Ragnarök. Now, excuse me, but isn’t this why the kids are all there? To learn magic and how to protect and defend themselves from the dark powers that be? Remember also, Odin is a god of magic as well as a warrior. Dumbledore is leading the opposition against Voldemort, which has resulted in two wars, and he is one of the foremost members of the magical community.

    Next, the thestrals. Odin had under his command the Valkyries who rode winged horses. The Valkyries were the “choosers of the slain,” and who can see the thestrals? People who have seen death. While it’s true, living people could see the Valkyries and their steeds in myths, the horses in OotP are related to death, much like the Valkyries and their mounts.

    Finally, the god, Tyr, sacrificed his hand so that the gods could bind Fenrir the wolf. If we consider that since Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent are the spawn of Loki we might as well consider them to be all the same entity, and relate them both to Voldemort. Tom Riddle was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” after all.

    While I hate to compare Peter to the noble god of the sky, he also gave up his hand, but this was to bring Voldemort back to life. Harry’s blood was also needed to do this, and because of that fact Voldemort is now mortal, and because he is mortal he can now die and is bound to that fate, as Fenrir was literally bound by the Aesir.

    If we use the various connections to the Norse myth of Ragnarök, it is quite likely that Harry, Voldemort and Dumbledore, will die within the next two books. And, as proven, Dumbledore is now gone.

    This is from the site- http://www.harrypotterfanzone.com/?ID=edit/view&eid=26
    Thank you!

  40. **********Possible Spoilers**********

    That , dare I say, Matrix like dumbledore-harry reunion was truly weird. Also James, should have been named James Sirius, just like Albus Severus . I’m getting diabetes reading this.

  41. wow, suprisingly, alot of these theories were soo true!
    i finished the book a few days after i got it
    and i kept checking this website, to see if anibody put up anitihng, except for the last 2. But the theory abt snape loving lily. that was true! and how snape was good, (well most of us guessed) but abt snape helping dumbledore survive. When i read that theory, along time ago, i was like “no thats not ture” but abt snape and dumbledore planning out D’s death, that was wel…guessed. this book, was the best book ever!

  42. Harry dies but comes back and kills voldemort. Ginny and Harry get married and have children called seveus and albus and hermione and ron get married. Also Nevil Longbottom becomes a herbology teacher at hogwarts

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