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  1. ginny is a horcrux… chamber of secrets, vold had ginny down there for enough time to make her a horcrux. he even mentions it, but at the time it didnt mean anything…

  2. Any thoughts about the possibility that Snape did, in fact, perform the Avada Kedavra curse and it did kill Dumbledore, but this was done to throw Voldemort off track?

    My theory:
    Snape had to protect Malfoy because of the oath he made to Malfoy’s mom. He did this when he “killed” DD instead of Draco doing it. DD even tells Draco that he has done no real harm, yet, since he has not actually killed anyone.

    DD trusts Snape, for whatever reason, and would have conspired with Snape to be the one who actually performed the curse even though Snape did not want to. This solves two problems at once.

    My other theory is that DD did in fact die, but I am not sure he stays dead. What are your thoughts on the possibility that Fawkes has used his tears to heal Dumbledore? It is mentioned several times about Fawke’s song near the end of HBP. Maybe he was healing DD. Rawlings does not put stuff like that in her books without a reason.

    Fawkes flying off at the end could be him following Dumbledore to wherever thay will be going next.

    Just a thought.

  3. hey just back to the R.A.B guy…
    my mate reckons that it could have something to do with the two kids that voldy took into that cave when he was back at the orphanage,
    one was the girl Amy Benson and the boy was Dennis Bishop
    still dunno wher the ‘R’ comes from tho

    ..ginny as a horcrux?..damn

  4. Also, in the beginning of the book snape made the unbreakable promise with draco’s mother. He said he would help draco finish his task whatever it was. Later we learn that if you break an unbreakable promise you die. In this case I don’t think snape actually knew what draco’s task was but had to cover for himself so he pretended like he knew and made the promise. The task was to kill dumbledore and in the end he was forced to do so. (I also agree with many other people above that dumbledore realized it was necessary for himself to die because it was a necessary step in Harry’s progression to kill voldemort)

  5. I have posted some more thoughts on the new book and a round up of some of the comments over here. Maybe we could carry on the conversation there? Of course you’re welcome to talk here if you want 🙂

  6. someone put in here that they thought fawkes was dumbledores horcrux.

    i think that is completely ridiculous, dumbledore would never make a horcrux.

  7. WE DON’T KNOW!!!
    This is the bottom line.
    (Nearly) everything Snape has done to Harry has been out of personal hatred for Harry’s father, this does not make him evil.
    Snape was forced to make the Unbreakable Vow. Anyone notice that as soon as he does this Dumbledore has been telling Harry everything he possibly can, and showing him all of his important memories and even taking Harry along with him on certain voyages? Dumbledore knew his time with Harry was running out, fast. Snape told him about the vow.
    It is possible that Snape made the vow to save his own skin, and made Dumbledore simply deal with that fact and do what he could from there. Making him evil.
    But, it is also possible that Snape was not only just saving his own skin by making the vow, he was ensuring that the Order would still have a spy among the Death Eaters. Making him not evil.

    Point is: We don’t know.

  8. I was so happy to find this site. I just finished the 6th book for the 2nd time and so many questions were spinning in my head…. lol u answered most of them but alot more have developed…. Though i read something that i think can have two meanings in the book….

    “I was comin’ outta the forest the other evenin’ an’ I overheard ‘em talking — well, arguin’. … I jus’ heard Snape sayin’ Dumbledore took too much fer granted an’ maybe he — Snape — didn’ wan’ ter do it anymore … Dumbledore told him flat out he’d agreed ter do it an’ that was all there was to it.”

    this post got me thinking. yes it could mean about killing dumbledore but hagrid says “do it anymore” meaning snape was already doing it and didnt want to do it anymore. Which lead me to believe he could be talking about how snape was acting as a follower to lord voldemort.

    o and just as a lasting comment i hope wormtail gets stuck in a rat trap and dies a very long and painful death..

  9. back to the dumbledore is not dead theory..i think that dumbledore is dead…BUT he has a horcrux somewhere!! He continuously says that he trusts Snape with his life. So Snape probably killed him knowing he would be alive once more(plus he made the Unbreakable Vow! so Snape did kill Dumbledore so he doesn’t have to die!). He died so Harry wouldn’t have someone protecting him and Dumbledore died so Harry would be more determined to find the rest of the Horcruxes..

    Dumbledore had his reasons to trust Snape and everyone thinks they should trust dumbledore..
    but who reali knows?!
    (just hope snape is not as evil as we all think he is..for now)

  10. Sabrina 309. A Horcrux is quite explicitly described as the product of an act of evil, murder in fact. So, are you suggesting that Dumbledore is actually as evil as LV himself?

  11. No…, but dumbledore is described on one of those chocolate frog cards that he defeated a dark wizard…so..at the time he mite have also made a horcrux?!

  12. Sabrina 312. You need to recall the HBP. Harry has to go to GREAT lengths to find out from professor Slughorn just what he told old Voldy. The Horcrux is the product of an “… act of violation. It is against nature…” in Slughorn’s own words. He further says the Horcrux is made “[b]y an act of evil – the supreme act of evil. By committing murder.” You can’t make a Horcux by accident and killing in self-defense is not murder. Only through a really evil deed is it accomplished. So, for Dumbledore to have made a Horcrux, the logic would be inescapable. He too would have to be evil. So, no he hasn’t a Horcrux. If he does come back, I would sooner expect that it has to do Faux, the phoenix, who IS immortal. Anyway, we’ll all know quite soon, July 21 isn’t far away.

  13. yeah, and i doubt he would want to make one anyway, judging by his character. dumbledore is dead. people in denial just cant accept that.

  14. Well, probably. Still, JKRowling did a very efficient job of planting a lot of “what ifs” for people wonder about. The stranger part is how some totally inappropriate speculations seem to appear DESPITE her explicitness. Like attributing a Horcrux to one of the “good guys.” THAT is rather unnerving since DD’s character seems very clearly drawn, and the nature of the Horcrux is also very clearly drawn. There’s a certain “end justifies the means” mind set there. It’s not just denial.

  15. Have any of you guys actually heard of the staement JKR makes by saying dd “won’t do a gandalf”? well if i haven’t said it before gandalf doesn’t actually die, he jsut reappears in another pphysical form, returning for a specific reason. my point being he doesn’t die, so its still possible that dd is not dead even though it sounds like im contradicting myself.

    P.S. i like stirring up trouble 🙂

  16. ^yeah I’ve heard that quote. I’m convinced that Dumbledore is dead but of course I could be wrong!

  17. well it also seems to make sense cuz he cant always have a warm, comforting helpful hand like dumbledore to help him pull through, especially in this last book. harry needs to do it on his own.

  18. i dunno i really hope dumbledore isnt dead but i cant think of a way for her to bring him back that is reasonable…. I just cant wait for the book to come out. And i wonder what will happen to grimmauld place because wasnt dumbledore the secret keeper? hmm it should be a very interesting book especially since shes going to wrap it all up in one book. Like i said before i cant wait.

  19. I think that Snape actually is not evil based on the arguments posted here and one little thing in the goblet of fire. When Harry is just about to be killed by the impostor Moody (Crouch), he sees Dumbledore, McGonagall and… wait for it… Snape. Now as you have said before Rowling very rarely mentions anything for no reason and I think due to Crouch being a death eater they would have been on the same side and Snape would not have been in the mirror if he was still a death eater.

  20. How many times has Snape saved or protected Harry? I think the reason Dumbledore was so willing to trust snape is that he had sworn two unbreakable oaths. One to protect Malfoy (which was neccessary to get close to Voldemort and gain everyone’s trust), and one to protect Harry, the latter at Dumbledore’s request long before Harry had even gone to Hogwarts. This explains why Snape killed Dumbledore. He had to to fulfill the Vow we all know he had entered into (and yes, I’m sure Dumbledore was begging him to actually do it).
    Snape is possibly the most intriguing charcter in the whole series. He was bullied as a youth and is severly damaged because of it. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.
    Mark my words, at some point, Snape will once again save Harry’s life, perhaps giving up his own in the process.

  21. Just think, if it were planned properly, Deathly Hallows should be available today :), well i can wait a couple weeks.

  22. Wut if Fawkes song at the end has something to do with Dumbledore’s death? i mean..maybe its a special thing that Fawkes does to revive the dead?!

    *just a possibility…altho its most likely to be untrue..*

  23. Have not read all 323 posts but can someone help me with this?

    Why does Dumbledore trust Snape? How could you trust some one who heard the most important wizarding prophecy and passed the info on to the worst Wizard, the one person who shouldn’t know the info. Snape was a Half-Blood and was helping some one who wanted to get rid of everyone who was not pure blood.
    I do not see how Dumbledore could trust him. Any ideas? I came up with one but I think it is too far out there.

    Snape supposedly heard the prophecy and passed it to Voldemort
    Who is to say he was a death eater before this event
    We don’t really hear about when he became a death eater or what he did as a death eater.
    Maybe Dumbledore asked Snape become one
    Maybe Dumbledore asked Snape pass the info
    Bc he knew the Child could stop him
    Seems like quite a risk though
    If the prophecy wasn’t true then he sent Voldemort after the Potter Family
    If it was true than he is still sacrificing Lily and James Potter
    Unless he knew they would come back but this is all so far stretched

    Also around this time of hearing the prophecy and passing the info he gets a job at Hogwarts. How could Dumbledore’s trust in Snape be established so quickly after he passed the prophecy on. It just seems like Dumbledore must’ve know what Snape was doing.

    It is claimed that he did not get Defense Against the Dark Arts because he was a death eater and could not be trusted. But this makes no sense since Dumbledore claims to trust him. I think he got the Potions position because the Defense Against the Dark Arts Position is cursed and no teacher lasted more than a year in the position.

    Another thing to think about is the fact that Snape finally gets the Defense Against the Dark Arts job when Voldemort has returned and things are at their worst. Why would Dumbledore move him? My initial thought was “Maybe Dumbledore knows Snape won’t be around after this year or that Snape won’t be needed anymore.” Either way I knew that the change in Snape’s subject area signaled that things would change for Snape that year and of course they did.

    If Dumbledore and Snape had hatched a plan for Snape to kill him, for whatever reasons, then the men knew Snape would no longer be able to stay at Hogwart’s anyways. A perfect time for him to take the Dark Arts Position.
    So what do you guys think?

  24. Oh and one last thing, the Unbreakable Vow thing. Maybe Dumbledore trust Snape bc he made it, but I just can’t see Dumbledore making such a vow with someone who would do something as evil as giving Voldemort the prophecy and selling out James and Lily. Dumbledore would’ve wanted him in jail. Dumbledore made no plea bargins with Sirius bc he believed that he betrayed the Potters. So while Dumbledore may have made an unbreakable vow with Snape, I still do not believe this explains his trust for the man.

  25. i think he made an Unbreakable Vow with DD promising to help with DD’s cause after harry’s death because he was scarred of dying of being caught or what not. but i do think he was and still is a full through and through Death Eater and because of the circumstances is forced to be but a middleman fore say. i also think that he is truly a coward. Through the series he is accused of “running away to DD, getting so p.o when is helped after being bullyed by James (which most kids do to try and show that they are still tough), and not being trustworthy to anyone because he has betrayed all his life. When he yells at Harry in the 6th book at the end with so much rage that he is not a coward i think that that is because he is hoping to show that killing DD at last showed that he was infact playing the last step in his mind that he isn’t a coward.

    i know that what i said is maby not the clearest or best english(from Italy), but hope that my message get’s understood and a cross

  26. I rather doubt the likelihood of Snape undertaking an unbreakable vow with Dumbledore for the simple reason that it is inconceivable that Dumbledore as characterized by Rowling would ask such a thing. Here are some other questions though:
    1) How potent a magical device IS the pensieve? Could it actually be used to hide thoughts from a legilimens?
    2) That ancient magic that Harry’s mother employed and that Dumbledore ALSO employed to protect Harry is due to disappear when Harry turns 17. But, is it possible to re-activate the spell through an act of (self)sacrifice by say Dumbledore and Snape?
    3) Just what does Snape REALLY feel about Harry? It can be no accident that Snape’s last words to Harry are instructional.
    These kinds of questions have to regarded within the context of LV being the most dangerous magical threat the world has been faced with, if not ever, then at least in a very long time. Also, if Harry IS the “chosen one,” then the crippling background provided by his aunt and uncle need to also be considered. 4) How would Dumbledore (there is after all no one else to do so) offset that very serious handicap? Who would he recruit to help him? How would they go about it?

    In that context, is Snape actually Harry’s enemy, or a very hard, very tough trainer? Harry HAS to internalize the reality of personal enemies that he must learn how to deal with.

  27. to John #299– Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back on here; real life intervened…

    Anyway, I would have to agree that Draco doesn’t “hate” Snape. He no longer cares enough about Snape to hate him, which makes any attempts on Snape’s life even worse– Draco isn’t even acting from strong emotion. However, I must disagree with your statement that Draco is not competing for Snape’s place next to Voldemort. Take a look at what he tells Dumbledore on the Astronomy Tower before the other Death Eaters show up. Draco is definitely trying to take over as Voldemort’s “favorite” Death Eater. But in the end, he can’t pull it off.

    I do appreciate your taking the time to read my other posts and giving me your feedback. We’re all in this together! Just a few more days!!!

  28. you know, i can’t really see a future for snape… if he lives, what would happen to him? i am very convinced that he will die.

  29. to Katie, 329- what do you mean? I’m sorry I think I misunderstood you or something.

    Are you saying that Snape is not the Half Blood Prince?

  30. about ruby-308’s statement when DD and Snape were arguing i think Snape was sayin he didn’t want to be with the order anymore,but DD said he had to maybe because they made an unbreakable curse together back when Snape first came to DD 15 yrs. ago to save his own skin or maybe he was saying he didn’t want the defense against the dark arts job….who knows till the book comes out

  31. Katie, if snape is not, then explain who is? Because i recall him saying he was, just want to tell you know, before you embarass yourself.


  33. Mike – please don’t type all in caps again. Until the final book is released nothing is known for sure… apart from the bit about scar not being the last word. JK said herself that this was the case so yes, it’s a fairly reputable source 🙂

  34. interestingly, possibly dumbledore asked snape to repeat half of the prophesy to voldemort, not knowing it referred to lily and james potters’ son or the “longbottoms” child, in the hope that voldemort would set the prophesy in motion, leading to his downfall. this could explain that when lily and james asked dumbledore to be their secret keeper, why he refused: he did not want to be resbonsible for keeping them alive when he knew that he was the one who had got the prophesy to voldemort. also, in “the cave” when dumbledore was drinking the potion, he could have been reffering to lily and james begging voldemort not to hurt them. he was begging for someone not to hurt someone.

    sorry if some of this information is faulty; i do not have a copy of the books with me.

  35. sorry to break whatever theory was goin on there, I can’t read em all! This theory about harry being the last horcrux is bothering me. Was it mentioned in the 6th(I don’t have it at hand) That voldemort had made that snake(nagi?) a horcrux, after attacking harry? Or am I just totally lost?

  36. Thank you all for such great info!
    In regards to the end of HBP – DD asks to be seen by Snape when ill as he and HP returned as he apparently felt Snape was his very much trusted friend, and then when he sees him for the first time DD protrays weakness when he says “Severus, please.” It would seem to me that if a person was in the position of DD it would not ocurr to them that the friend was there to kill them the moment they happened upon the situation, but that they would help them. Asking “please” would be for something a friend would be reluctant to do on the spot, such as kill them for a cause. JK makes a point of DD asserting that they are stronger in death more than a couple times. Perhaps the cards were lining up in such a manner for DD and he thought as long as he needed to leave, he could do it in style and add strength to HP’s battle. Just a thought.

  37. am snape is good as maike says he cause he helps harry he killed DD cause DD told him to when hagrid over heard hime over the argument on the chapter in HBP when ron gets poisoned.

  38. Did anyone here read the latest book yet? I got a copy from a friend but I don’t know if it’s real…i’ve been reading it and it SOUNDS real so far! did jk rowling say that the last word would be scar? cos then it would definately prove mine is a fake….

  39. I think it’s a fake, definitely. The book isn’t supposed to be released until the 21st. Anyway, J.K. said that the book would not end with the word ”scar”. She declared it on her website and for the media.
    Where did your friend get that book?

  40. Snape is on Dumbledore’s side. This is because he helps Dumbledore to destroy the ring of Marvolo’s. Firstly, doesn’t Dumbledore say that ‘had it not been for Professor Snape’s timely action, I may not have lived’ when Harry asks him about his damaged hand in one of the private lessons. This means that Snape may also know about horcruxes and he probably didn’t tell Voldemort about Dumbledore discovering his secret.
    Also, when Snape and Dumbledore were arguing, Snape said, according to Hagrid that ‘he doesn’t wanna do it anymore’, what if Dumbledore was telling Snape to kill him, so in that way he could carry on working as a spy. There is also the fact Snape saves Katie Bell’s life by stopping the necklace curse spreading. Rowling always tries to do the unexpected and this time she wanted us to believe Snape is evil. In the end I believe Snape will sacrifice himself to so Harry can kill Voldemort.
    ps. Sabrina, your copy may not have been fake because recently Rowling said that she has changed the ending so the last word is not scar anymore, but it is still close to the end.

  41. Actually, someone hacked into the computer to get a copy of the HP book; it was in the news! that person released it on the internet but loads of people made fake ones..so i’m not too sure…

    btw..its reali exciting as always and *some* of you guessed rite on some of the things!

  42. Warning…dont try to peek even a bit at the end..
    i already guessed it but i never reali expected it to actually happen……

    there is a slight possibility that jk rowling may write more books..

    *once again…i dunno if its real but…OMG!!*

  43. I’m not too sure sabrina… how could the end tell you there is another book if j.k. herself confirmed there wouldn’t be? oh, but don’t tell me the end please

  44. A. I think Snape is a reluctant servant of both Voldemort and Dumbledore. I think Snape is willing to help anyone he needs to in order to save his own ass. I think he has not chosen sides yet, because he is not sure who is gonna win. He’s out for good old #1.

    B. Is it possible that the locket that no-one can open is there to mislead? When Harry calls accio horcrux, a single inferi raises up out of the water. What if RAB never made it out of the cave? What if RAB is wearing the horcrux in the lake? That might be why he raised up out of the lake when the horcrux was summoned.

    C. DD is dead. He’ll play a part in 7, but not as a living character.

    D. I don’t think Harry can be a horcrux unless a horcrux can be removed without his death. He can’t kill himself and then kill Voldemort. Maybe the dementors (which is Harry’s Bogart) can be used to remove a soul fragment?

  45. How do you guys know any of the books on the internet are real?!?!? I’m afraid to look at any of them

  46. the book that i downloaded seems REALI real..and it makes perfect sense if u reali think abt it! so..i’m positive its real…
    i think jk rowling mite write another series not abt harry but abt something else in the wizaring world..

  47. It would be good to have a book that is based upon Voldemort’s world, now that Harry Potter has finished.

  48. ***********************************************************SPOLIERS************************************************************
    YAY i was correct about snape, although he did have good intentions, he was only there because of what he wanted, hence a third party and also a double agent.

  49. On July 25 2007 J.K. Rowling announced that she intended to write a sort of Harry Potter Encyclopedia, where many things from the seven books would be explained in greater detail, and the lives of many minor characters fleshed out. She specifically mentioned that Dean Thomas had a far more interesting story than the books had implied. She has stated in previous interviews that the discovery of Dean’s half-blood past was an original subplot for The Chamber of Secrets, but was scrapped due to time constraints and because she felt it didn’t fit with the rest of the book.

  50. you said only death eaters call voldermort the dark lord and in the film when the lady goes to kill harry snape goes no he is for the dark lord….so he might be a death eater

    1. Hi Calum – does this mean you haven’t read the books? There’s a lot of good stuff still to come in the final chapter 🙂

  51. Before Book 7 came out, this is what I figured out. Spoilers for book 7.

    When Dumbledore’s dead, and Harry is in the Infermery (w/Hermione, Ron, McGonagall, Pompry, Mrs Weasley, Lupin, Tonks…) and he delivers the news Lupin “puts his face in his hands” and when someone says that Dumbledore always trusted Snape, Lupin says, “I always thought that he had some reason that he never shared with anyone.”

    Harry Potter always came down to love. The corny reason of love. I read the books for the 21st time and saw that most of the description was about eyes or eye contact. Much of that was involving Snape somehow.

    “Snape’s eyes bored into Harry’s…”
    “The hook-nosed teacher looked past Quirrel and straight into Harry’s eyes…”

    There are a million examples I could give, and in book 5 you think that it could be Legilimency that Snape’s using, but you never get that description of memories or whatever he’s digging up. So, no Legilimency.

    Who’s eyes are always mentioned?
    Harry’s green eyes that are a perfect match for his mother’s.
    What does Harry Potter always come down to?
    Who is always involved with the eye contact?
    Did Snape have a reason that even Dumbledore believed?
    Was it true?
    Was it love?

    I swear, when I figured all of this crap out, I was close to faiting. Although, I realized that I spoiled the book for myself; what else could it be? JKR wouldn’t make Snape evil, I was pretty sure of that.
    “Keep your eyes on Snape,” she said.
    “Snape has been loved.”

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