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  1. I’m still a little fuzzy about how a horcrux works. If, in the act of murdering, your soul splits into some fraction and you can store that part in an object – fine – but wouldn’t your soul split every time you committed murder? What happened to the fraction of Snape’s soul after he murdered Dumbledore, or the fraction of Mrs. Weasley’s after she murdered Bellatrix Lastrange? Probably the most important question, though, is if your soul indeed splits every time, what sort of fraction would be left with Voldemort after all of the murders that he committed? By the end of it, did he have a soul to split at all?



    1. Courtney, you have to choose to make a horcrux…it doesnt just happen. i assume that there is a spell. an unintended horcrux is only mentioned once…harry is a horcrux that voldemort never intended to make, which only happened doc lily died to save harry.

    2. I think that you must have the mindset of creating a horcrux WHEN you commit murder.

      This is from my own opinions and assumptions.

    3. IDoes your soul split every time you commit a murder? After asking this question so many times to myself, I came up with this answer: The act of committing murder may give your soul the potential to be split, but I believe that you have to utter some kind of curse- and have an object on hand to contain said peice of soul- to actually split it indefiantly. I mean, after creating six horcruxes- not counting the peice of Voldemort’s soul that was still left inside him- what remain of his fragile soul was so unstable that when Voldemort tried to kill Harry and his curse rebounded because of Lily’s sacrife, a peice of his soul shattered off and latched to Harry. If his soul was that unstable, then I don’t think he could have split it anymore times, no matter how many murder’s he commited. As for Molly and anyone else who murdered on the good side, I doubt that they even knew about horcruxes, let alone the curse that is most likely need to split the soul to make one.

    4. I do not believe Snape or Molly’s souls were ripped. Dumbledore says to Snape “you alone know whether it will harm your soul to help an old man avoid pain and humiliation.”. His soul didn’t rip because he was not murdering Dumbledore, but helping him.
      Also, in the case of Molly, she does not use a killing curse. At least it is not specifically mentioned. I think it was more out of love and protection of her kids and Harry, and less out of wanting to murder Bellatrix.

      I would also like to point out that it makes me mad Fred or Arthur had to die. I have said all along I think that’s the one think J.K. got wrong. I think Neville should have been the one to finish off Bellatrix. And if that had happened, none of the Wesley’s would have had to die!

  2. I’d be interested to know, when Slughorn used his own luck potion “one perfect day”.
    Also, I’d like to follow Harrys son, Albus Severus Potter (A.S.P. = Asp = snake).

  3. I’m confused about a wand changing its allegiance to its owner. We were told that when you murder someone, his/her wand changes its allegiance to you. But the elder wand is shown to change allegiance when the last known owner (Albus Dumbledore) is simply disarmed by Draco Malfoy! If a wand changed allegiance simply on disarming, countless people have been disarmed in the DA classes (OOTP) or in the Dueling Club (COS). Harry was disarmed before but his wand did not stop working properly (until TDH)..?

    1. I think that the taking of wands also has to be agreed upon by the wand owners, in a sort of unconcious way. For example, when Dumbledore’s Army were practicing expeliarmus, I’m guessing that the wands knew that there was no intention of an actual wizards duel going on, if that makes sense.

      1. I agree, Eyulf. The way J.K. Rowling and in the book, Olivander described that wands do have a mind, or concsious if you will.

    2. Wands, described by J.K. Rowling through Olivander, the noted wand maker, have a conscious, or a mind. They were aware that no real harm was meant.

      This is from my own opinions and assumptions.

    3. It’s actually the Elder Wand itself that can change its allegience to its owner. Plus you got the murder thing wrong see only people who read the books understand questions like this. So, let me explain to you how the allegience things work, the Elder Wand does not change its allegience to its owner when somebody murders him/her. The person who disarms the owner has the Wand’s full loyalty because it has seen (well not really)
      that there is a more stronger and powerful witch/wizard that has overcome the owner and that is why and answered to the overcomer. In the DADA classes or duels that use disarming the wands don’t change masters because they were made differently to the Elder Wand which was made by Death himself which is also why I personally think the wand is a back stabbing traitor and its history is so bloody full of murdering.

  4. i was womdering why at the end of the 7th book why draco’s mom tells voldemort that harrry is dead when she knows he isnt??

    1. From the book: “Still feigning death on the ground, he understood. Narcissa knew that the only way she would be permitted to enter Hogwarts, and find her son, was as part of the conquering army. She no longer cared whether Voldemort won.”

    2. He informs her about the fact that her son is alive so she returns the favor by letting him live

      And by the way she is not Very evil and cruel like Voldemort

  5. @anonymous, Narcissa Malfoy (Draco’s mother) checks to see if Harry is alive. While doing this, she whispers to Harry, asking if Draco is alive. He says yes, so she spares his life. Hope this helped!

  6. Does anyone else think that Snape died, just so he wouldn’t have to either go to Azkaban for being a Death Eater, or being set free? I mean, it would have taken a while, and if Fudge or someone who didn’t like Snape was Minister, they could just send him to Azkaban without hearing the evidence. Though, I’m wondering, if Snape went to trial, could the portrait of Dumbledore stand up for him? Like tell them about their schemes and then show the memories?

    1. He had no choice? Voldemort set Nagini on him and she killed him in both the film and the book.

  7. To abc
    The books don’t say kill even though the movie shows kill they say beat in battle.dumbledore was harmless without his wand thus Draco beat him in battle.

  8. @whoever wrote the article, Remus died because it was meant to be in a way and tonks had to die with him or else she would have been completely lost raising teddy alone and it made the situaton much more dramatic, them dying together. Don’t get me wrong I love Remus , actually he’s one of my favorite characters but he was a marauder ( moony, wormtail, padfoot, & prongs) they died in reverse order from the order their names were written on the marauders map ( first James/ prongs was killed then Sirius / padfoot etc…) Remus really lived the time of his life at school with his 3 best freinds and I guess when they left school, ….. Sorry I’m starting drone on randomly I d’know why I just sort of felt it was meant to be – that way Remus can reunite himself with his freinds it is a shame that he couldn’t raise teddy but Remus died fighting just like James and Sirius and I think that’s how he was meant to die… Sorry this is one big ramble

    1. Remus and Tonks had to die to “complete the circle”. After the first war there was a baby boy left orphaned (Harry) and this is mirrored with Teddy. Also it was meant to show the heartbeak and loss that war brings πŸ™‚

  9. I think that moaning mrytle is a rave claw but some people say that she’s wearing a hogwarts uniform with no house on it please tell me the right answer πŸ™‚

  10. Was harry was suppose to be teddys godfather? Wouldn’t that mean he would have raisedafter his parents died??? So why in the end was it that he didn’t live w harry and ginny??

    1. The raising by the godfather only occured when a close relative did not exist. ie. Harry had no grandparents and only an aunt. Teddy has a grandmother.

  11. To jrc Harry is teddy’s godfather but teddy has a grandmother that is alive so grandmother has more right to take care of teddy

    1. I think Hermione’s feelings for Harry were always more sibling-like. For example, she always runs up and hugs him with no reservations, but she would avoid Ron (like a typical kid) because she had romantic feelings for him.

  12. ok this is a tough one… but they say underage wizards cant use magic or else they would be suspended or something so how is it that in the beginning of the 3rd movie harry was using magic to light up his wand for reading and pretended to sleep when his uncle came in. how could he do that spell without being caught with the underage magic rule??

    1. That didn’t happen in the book, so one can only assume that they only did that to spice up the movie. It probably wasn’t taken literaly by the ministry, anyway.

    2. I point this out all the time and people get mad at me. The movies are just… They don’t follow the rules sometimes.

      Like how death eaters can fly in movie 5, but it’s a big deal when voldemort can fly in book 7. They just don’t pay attention some times.

  13. Ok I have one question. In the third movie and book of Harry Potter, Sirius and Remus, at the end, are fighting (sirius as an Animagus and Remus as a werewolf)(by the way I don’t know if I have the exact names because I’m reading in french) but you know when they are fighting Remus is biting sirius and all. And I wonder why Sirius didn’t become a werewolf if Remus was biting him!

    1. Animals don’t turn into werewolves when bitten. That’s why James, Sirius and Peter became animagus–so they could be with Lupin at the full moon.

  14. ron disappeared to show that hermione really does care for him and misses him a lot. It also shows that they need ron because they didnt really get anything done without him.

  15. I have a question ,
    In Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix , when they (Harry, his friends, and the order ) were fighting the death eaters at the ministry of magic. Sirius fell in an ”empty archway ”. I didn’t understand this clearly , is it just an archway that if someone falls into cant go out ?
    And why would the ministry put something that dangerous in there ?
    J.k Rowling didn’t mention this archway in the 6th or the 7th book.

    1. My interpretation is that the archway was the veil between the living and the dead. It was an essential plot point as part of the traditional heroes journey (as was Dumbledores death). If the hero has mentors/ teachers to help then they would be able to do the work and so the hero would not be able to shine. This is the same reason why Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jin had to die in the Star Wars trilogy – so that their students could become the heros they were meant to be.

      Why would the ministry put something dangerous in there? Well normal wizards weren’t really meant to be there – and it was in the basement where nobody ever went πŸ™‚

    2. It is the room of death, or something like that. Dumbledore actually calls in the death chamber. The department of mysteries studies things like love, time, and death. The arch… Well I never really completely understood it. I always thought it was weird Sirius’ body was lost in it. But I think it is where the- souls, I guess- of people go. Harry said he could hear voices behind it… So I’m guessing he could hear his mother and his father and cedric? Luna also said she could hear voices, and we know she has seen death as well.
      The only part that throws me off is I am pretty sure Neville said he saw death as well, but he didn’t seem to be able to hear people talking.

  16. As an answer for your first question: Ron left because he wasn’t sure if Harry knew what he was doing and he was worried about his family. He fancied Hermione and thought that Harry and Hermione fancied each other. Also all of these doubts and feelings were multiplyed because he was wearing the Horcrux at the time. He said that after he took off the Horcrux and left he realized his mistake and tried to go back but Hermione’s protective enchantments kept Harry and Hermione out of sight.

    For your second question: Remus and Tonks died during the Battle of Hogwarts. It didn’t show them getting killed but J.K. Rowling has revealed it was Bellatrix who killed Tonks and Dolohov who killed Remus.

    Hope that answered your questions.

  17. Que 1: In book 7, after the Bill & Fleur wedding, when Harry, Hermione and Ron disapparated and entered the muggle cafe. They were immediately surrounded by death eaters. Later Ron reveals that name of Voldemort is put with a taboo and that is why they were found. Same thing happens to them after they comes back from Lovegood’s house and they get captured by death eaters. Their protactive enchantements fail once they speak the name Voldemort.

    However, during their stay at the Grimmault place Harry & Hermione continually speak the name Voldemort but nothing happens to them whatsoever. Why is so?

    Que 2: In book 4, Barty Crouch Jr takes over Moody & impersonates him by using Polyjuice potion. However, how come he becomes such a powerful wizard if he was impriosned by his father for over 13 years? In the memory of Dumbledore he is shown as a weak, young kid then how come he becomes such a powerful supporter & deadly wizard all of a sudden that can fool Dumbledore even?

    Que 3: In book 5, why does Voldemort and Barty Crouch Jr wait for the end of the year to get Harry to the graveyard? Fake Moody could’ve gotten Harry there after their first lesson or after attacking Malfoy. There is no explation why it takes such a long time?

    1. In response to Question 1: Let’s go forward a bit. After Ron returns from his time away while Harry and Hermione continue to search for Horcruxes, he tells them that the name “Voldemort” has had a “taboo” placed upon it… meaning that anyone who speaks the name will be found, and all protective enchantments around them will be broken, therefore allowing them to be found.

      Going back now, we see that in the chapters where the three friends are holed up at 12 Grimmauld Place, they were most likely using Voldemort’s left and right. Note that, if you read carefully again, the Death Eaters are described as being seen in the square in front of 12 Grimmauld Place on numerous occasions. I don’t have the book in front of me, so I can’t tell you when exactly they showed up, but they are there, lurking, looking for any sign of the person (they know it’s probably Harry or his “followers”). The friends were tracked to that area by the taboo, though not found, I think, because the Fidelius Charm is not your easy, usual, do-it-yourself type of charm, like the charms and enchantments the three used whilst searching for Horcruxes.

      In response to Question 2: Barty Crouch Jr., plainly and simply, was feigning his “weakness”. He was already powerful, I think, and wanted more power and greater Wizarding influence in the world, hence his willingness to join the Death Eaters all those years before. He did those terrible things he was imprisoned for… everybody else just thought it was his father, Barty Crouch Sr. being a hard-ass and trying to prove that he was nobody’s fool.

      As to how he fooled Dumbledore, I would say that: A) He continuously tortured Mad-Eye, probably for hours on end once he had the time. Yes, Mad-Eye was a tough guy, an Auror, but surely, he had seen better days, was getting on in years, and what human being could endure hours of torture without breaking? Possibly, Barty Crouch Jr. studied Mad-Eye’s memories pertaining to himself and Albus…studied his tone, his walk, his manner, his responses to certain types of ideas, etc. I don’t know, that’s just speculation on my part. Initially, however, I’m sure just knowing that Mad-Eye had been an Auror and probably reading up on his public personality, and maybe even doing some spying took Barty Jr. as far as he needed in the first few days of his stolen identity of Mad-Eye.

      In response to Question 3: This is also book 4. First, I think it has to do with the formula of the books. Second, and this is speculation again, I think that Voldemort needed time to a) gain more strength and b) to perfect his spell/potion for bringing himself back to a full body. Creating Horcruxes and delving into the type of magic that Voldemort decided to delve into had not been completely explored, I think, in the past. I forget in which book, probably 6 or 7, but I believe that Dumbledore, in trying to understand Voldemort, says something along the lines of “No one else had created more that one Horcrux.” (not a direct quote). The magic of the Horcruxes, plus trying to restore whatever was left of one’s soul to a living body, was no easy piece of magic. It’s something that had to be built up to and not something Voldemort would have wanted Wormtail to screw up.

    2. I think the reason behind the taboo not working is that the house is still under the fidalias charm that Dumbledore put on it.

      To question two it is probably the same reason Crab and Goyle are so good at dark magic and not everyday magic. They are evil and therefor are better at dark spells and thats where there power shines.

  18. Que 3: In book 5, why does Voldemort and Barty Crouch Jr wait for the end of the year to get Harry to the graveyard? Fake Moody could’ve gotten Harry there after their first lesson or after attacking Malfoy. There is no explation why it takes such a long time?

    To RAJ- no idea about first two questions, but for question 3 of yours, Barty Crouch and Voldemort had arranged it that was so it would be less obvious something was wrong. If Voldie took Harry in the school year, Dumbles would know something was wrong- he knew Voldemort would rise again soon. In the third task, it would be much less obvious something was wrong. The champions are in a maze, and no one really knows what is going on in there. Therefore, it would be much easier for Harry to be taken. As for Barty taking Harry sooner, wouldn’t it be pretty obvious something weird was going on if Moody talks to Harry after the lesson, and Harry suddenly disappears. Just my little theory.

  19. So in the movie, Prisioner of Askaban, and Harry has just run away from the Dursleys and is waiting for the night bus, and the grim (sirius) is there, does he want to kill harry? he acts like he does searching the castle and attacking the fat lady, and in the shrieking shack they reveal what the true story is of how Peter Pettigrew dobbed harrys parents in, sirius seems very murderous and yeah. I just want this clarified

    1. No – the point is that he was meant to seem like he wanted to kill Harry when in fact he wanted to protect him.

  20. I just have to comment on “why did Moody and FRED have to die”? Your answer while corrct missed the mark entirely. Which was, it was a war and the people that deserve to die aren’t always the ones that do die, and sometimes the people we love die, for no reason at all, WAR IS SENSLESS.

  21. I can’t remember if this is in the books explicitly or not. However, in the first movie, Sorcerer’s Stone, Professor Quirrel (Voldemort really) can’t bear for Harry to touch him/them. So, he disintegrates. Dumbledore explains to Harry in the hospital that this is because his mother cast herself between them on that fateful day. However, in the last movie, Harry grabs Voldemort and they fall off the tower together, and Voldemort flies them around and they struggle violently with Harry’s hands on Voldemort’s face. They even have some special effects split screening then. Finally, they land and roll on the ground, soon to enter their final conflict. My question is, how is it that Voldemort could bear Harry’s touch? Like I said, perhaps this isn’t in the book and is just some movie liberties to glam up the final scene more. Thanks!

    1. In book 5 when Harry meets Voldemort in the graveyard and Voldemort is returned to his body, part of the potion requires Harry’s blood. This allows Voldemort to touch Harry because he is now protected by Harry’s mothers blood. As Dumbledore says, “He has overcome that particular obstacle” (not a direct quote). In the film this is as you say ‘movie liberties’ as it does not happen in the book. Voldemort does however touch Harry after returning to his body and is able to without pain, although Harry’s scar causes him incredible pain. Hope this explains it.

      1. This is not in the books!!! This was really irritating for me to see in the movie. But in book 4 Voldemort took Harry’s blood while returning and after that he could touch him.

  22. How does Harry get teh invisibility cloak back after Dumbledores death on the lightning struck tower. I says he throws it on the ground and chases after Malfoy and Snape but never any mention of him returning and retrieving it.

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