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  1. Definitely like the direction of the new Admin interface. It does look a little confusing at first glance but it’s starting to look like all the other admin modding plugins I’ve used over the years. If it works out, I probably wouldn’t have to even skin the new admin at all, which is a bonus. Less plugins to use.

  2. Edrei – agreed πŸ™‚ It looks like integrating often requested functionality, and popular plugins are what they are doing with this version of WordPress.

  3. Looks like the old facebook / current buddypress screenshots; a bad thing, I want something designed by WP gurus not a copy of something else that people are familiar with which is good but can be better.

  4. Matt – no problem, WordPress is fantastic and I’m really glad it’s moving the way it is.

    Mike – I guess that’s down to personal preference. Using the beta version on my dev machine makes the versions on my live site feel clunky and old. Sure, the aesthetics could be tweaked, but plugins can do that quite easily. Personally I feel the new structure is considerably more usable than the old.

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