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  1. Yeah I agree with most of your points. Chrome looks pretty shiny and seems to definately be a lot faster. However I can’t get around the annoyance of it not displaying my website correctly when IE and Firefox do fine. Chrome = I have a problem on my hands.

  2. Hey, I like it!

    A lot of things have been removed, for good reason. One thing I miss is the search box. Sure, you can type in a search term in the URL bar (thank’s for the heads up Ben) but FireFox lets me translate words, use wikipedia, search thesaurus etc, with my preset search engines.

    One feature I really like, and have been missing from FireFox and IE is that you can turn a tab into a separate window, by dragging it. Very useful when you have more than one monitor. Almost makes up for the lack of searchbox annoyance.

    Also like the google “new tab” page. Nice touch.

  3. Thus far I have had 3 occasions when Chrome has crashed today and it has taken all of my tabs with it!

    Overall though I’m enjoying Chrome (would like to have the ‘/’ text search function from FF so can you have a word with Google please Ben?)

  4. Chrome, in my opinion, is the fastest of all browsers. The positives and negatives jotted down are very true, and there is also one other bug in Chrome – you cannot scroll up using the laptop (notebook) touchpad, whereas you can scroll down. Even the touchpad scroll down is too bad as it is too fast – you will be at the end of your page already. Otherwise, I believe this browser has a lot of potential to take on the ridiculous IE 🙂

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