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  1. The WordPress editor is fine the way it is… It may be helpful to include more keyboard shortcuts for power users, but beyond that the editor is fine the way it is. Many of the things you mentioned can already be hidden in the options.

    1. Since Ghost seems so popular I think there’s quite a large (tech savvy) audience who disagrees and feels things should be simplified. Personally I think the average WordPress user doesn’t realise you can hide options and, as someone who would just want to write posts, would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

      Of course I don’t have any data to back up my thoughts, but I’ve done quite a lot of support for WordPress users who have purchased my themes and I know that people get easily confused by things that you and I find simple.

      Everything is easy when you know how πŸ™‚

  2. I like the ideas – in particular the Publish button in WP is in an odd place by default for many users, so placing it at the bottom of the main content (but above all the other bits and bobs you can set in WP) makes sense.

    1. Thanks David – and agreed. I always found it a bit odd that I’d write a post and then have to scroll back up again to click the publish button.

  3. Your reasoning is correct and I fully understand the need to clean a bit the interface. But I find that the Publish button is actually located in the wrong position: at that point there should be the Undo button, if necessary. My two cents.

    1. Yeah – I wasn’t entirely convinced about the positioning but I liked that it’s more closely associated with the post content. I’m not sure an ‘undo’ button is needed though – ctrl-z is good enough for most.

  4. Nice work!

    Regarding the Post-Format row of large buttons/tabs:
    Speaking for my users, I can see them typing a regular post, and then wanting to add a link to the text, and easily clicking the nice and big ‘Link’ button at the top and being surprised at the entry fields changing. They wont see that its a ‘Post-Format’ button , not ‘Add Link to text’ button. And they wont remember the difference the next time, and will think WordPress is confusing.

    I suggest modifying the tumblr-style large buttons.
    Have a clear label prefix β€” ‘Format Post As:’ β€” followed by a row of radio-buttons with small icons+label for each Post-Format.

    This would remove any possible confusion between functions like ‘Post Format: Gallery’ and ‘Add a Gallery’ which i guarantee will happen with lay users.

    1. interesting thoughts – I hadn’t considered that people would see the buttons as ways to insert data into the post. I think it would have been more obvious with the earlier WordPress design since they looked like buttons rather than tabs – but I can see that it might still happen anyway.

      Did you see that the WordPress team have removed the custom post format stuff from 3.6? They decided it wasn’t quite ready and are going to develop it as a plugin for inclusion in core later.

  5. Interesting brainstorm. I struggled with this too. With the way the admin UI function, there aren’t much room for macro changes. However, the micro changes (mostly CSS based) aren’t enough to drastically improve the user experience or push WordPress to another level.

    People are using WordPress for projects other than blogs now. Any drastic improvement to the admin UI will neglect a huge portion of the WordPress user base regardless of whether you’re catering to the bloggers and that’s a shame.

    1. That’s an interesting point. I don’t know how much changing the post editor will matter though? Most people who use WordPress for non blog things use plugins that change the interface for their own needs anyway?

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