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  1. Each of us was a rookie in every sphere, including sites construction. The styles, standards etc change with time and your imagination too. And it’s normal when you follows these mainstreams. I think when you can look back and say something like you’ve just described, Ben, it is the best approvement of your own progress.

    1. Thanks – It was quite interesting thinking back on the site – reminding me of younger days.

      Beside how far I’ve come in my own career it’s also amazing how far the internet and web development has come over all. It’s still all so new and constantly evolving – I love it 🙂

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  4. I think back to my first design and then realise we seem to be going back to those days,nice,simple and clean.

  5. You are the creator of Master of Defense? The internet is just so weird. I used to play the game whenever I took a break from work and I really liked it. I never stopped to think of the game developer and here I am leaving him a comment.

    We do live in a very small world after all.

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