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  1. Looks pretty awesome! Do like the jQuery :D. Going to have to pop something like that on Shout!

    Love the new homepage; it retains the bloggy look whilst showing off various bits of content. There’s no pagination on the homepage though, which would be nice.

    Do like the category bits on the homepage – that in two loops excluding the first post on the second?

    1. Thanks for the comments Alex 🙂

      I hadn’t considered pagination on the homepage, I guess that would be a good idea – at the least there should be a link to the archives after the third post

      The category was done with one per category (to reduce db queries) and a simple counter and if statement to alter the appearance of each post.

    1. Hi – this is my theme and is not available for use by anyone else. The design is tightly tied to my content so even if I wanted to give it away I couldn’t

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