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  1. For crisps? Now that is definitely inspired, wouldn’t mind having a go if you could spare a code, I love stuff like this. Namely ARGs too, they always seem to sap some of my time.

    Are the crisps out yet or did you just get a promo packet for the review? I do like curry 🙂

  2. if you have some code to test this game, i’ll really enjoy to test it and make a review on GLB 😉

  3. The crisps are out – I have seen them in Morrisons, and they sent me 4 packets to “test” 🙂

    Here’s a couple of promo codes, each one gives you 6 lives – PR00276116, PR00277620. Let me know what you think of the game.

  4. Completely agree with you; they should have made the first episode free to get the players invested.

    I have started to notice that I tend to login to 3rd party websites more when they use facebook connect. I don’t have to remember a bunch of different passwords, and my friends are kept up to date on things I’m doing outside of facebook..

  5. I think the codes must have been used by people who didn’t ask for them. I will get some more 🙂

  6. If anyone is interested I got some more promotional codes : PR00281808, PR00282593, PR00282773, PR00284038, PR00287077

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