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  1. Duplicity, it entertained me. I watch movies for one reason only, to be entertained. So my rule for movies is this: If it entertains me then it’s a good movie, if it blows me away it’s a fantastic movie, other wise it wasn’t worth the $8 they charged me to watch it. I try to avoid belittling movies when I tell people about them, I’ll leave that to the critics.

    How do you like the iPod touch in general? Played any games on it? I currently have a Nokia N810 that I watch movies on. I find I get the best results at 24 FPS with a 560 width and 768 kbps bit rate. The image is fantastic on the little screen with those settings. I thought watching movies on that little guy would bug my eyes out, but even after a two hour movie my eyes hadn’t imploded into small black holes, so it’s all good.

    I’m with you on Julia Roberts, and what’s up with here lips? Sometimes they look like giant red clown lips, and that just creeps me out.

    I also noticed that all my comments on Binarymoon are no follows. I didn’t think all my comments have been that full of rubbish. LOL. Looking forward to your other movie reviews.

  2. Hey Steve – I agree entirely. I watch movies to be entertained as well. Generally as long as I don’t fall asleep or stop watching half way through the film jhas served it’s purpose πŸ™‚

    The iPod Touch is pretty cool. I already have a classic and that’s still my main music machine (much larger disk space) but the Touch is handy too. I like that I can quickly check emails and look up things online without having to do a full boot of the laptop.

    Watching films on them is quite pleasant as well. I used to do a lot of travelling around the country and watched films and tv on my DS which has a smaller screen and worse sound – so this is luxury in comparison.

    The nofollow thing wound me up. I should probably remove the dofollow link (at least for the time being). I removed the dofollow from the site because people kept commenting just for the links and then vanishing – and that wasn’t why I added it in the first place. I am currently redesigning the site and will re-evaluate this again when that’s completed (not long now!).

  3. I guess that’s why I like your movie reviews we kind of do the same thing. If the movie is such a dud that I fall alseep or give up in the middle, it has to be a bad film.

    When I redid the back end of my site I started using a do-follow because of your do-follow post on this site. However, do-follow is the same for me. Most people post one comment and disappear into the digital world never to be seen again. So I started a no-follow/do-follow sort of option but that is just sort of annoying.

    If you come up with a neat solution to this let me know. I would love to implement and blog about some more binarymoon ideas on my site.

    I’ve been visiting your site for years now, and it’s been a big inspiration to me. I remember when it was mostly a portfolio site with renderings of some 3D models, your games of course, and a tool or two.

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