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  1. Maybe I’ll stick some pictures in the next one. This has ended up looking a bit boring after the colourful post the other day.

  2. Awww… It was fine!
    btw, I thought Team America was ummm… how could I put it nicely?

    Well I thought it was going to be funny. It was kinda stupid to me. My hubbby laughed his butt off with it though. Go figure! haha

    I thought Kung Phu Husstle was a comedy? LOL I laughed with that one. I liked the part where the ol’ lady was running away from the gangster guy. LOL
    And she ran into a billboard? LOL

    Good reviews. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yah – Kung Fu Hustle was a film – there just seemed to be an awful lot of slapstick type stuff like you get in Tom and Jerry cartoons. It was pretty cool, but I was expecting a more traditional kung fu movie. And Team America – gah… it was awful!

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