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  1. I am totally a fan of Kung Fu Panda. As you, I was hesitant to watch the movie, but found my son and husband watching it twice. Neither are fans of Disney, so I thought it must have some redeeming quality to it. I have worn out my DVD playing it so many times, as I think it is hillarious.

    You say you are a gamer, so you already know that the graphics are rough, at best. Final Fantasy could out-kick this movie graphically any day, but there is just something hillarious about the Panda fighting the Tiger and the slo-mo of the Panda’s butt squishing the Tiger’s head.

    I am not a fan of the storyline itself, as I feel that the Furious Five, after working most of their life at Kung Fu, deserved the honored position of Dragon Warrior. But, hey, life ain’t fair.

    1. Yeah – visually it’s not the best movie ever. But the story for me was much better than expected, and visuals aren’t everything anyway. The animation itself (as opposed to the modelling and rendering) is a lot more important, and on top of that the story is more important still. Toy Story is amazing, but if you watch it now you can’t help but notice how primitive the visuals are – that doesn’t change the fact that the story is top notch.

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