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Toy Story 1, 2 and 3

I’ll be honest – I’m posting this because I was sent free copies of the recently re-released Toy Story 1 and 2 movies (Blu-Ray and DVD of both films). I was very close to turning it down – I don’t like to advertise too much on here – but it’s the Toy Story films… 2 of the best examples of animated story telling ever.

The discs themselves have everything and more that you could want, not only do they have both films – on Blu-Ray and DVD, but there’s stacks of behind the scenes stuff, and a sneak peek at Toy Story 3. For me it was actually the first time I had got the movies on disc – I had Toy Story on VHS but no longer having a VHS player meant I had no way to watch it.

Toy Story 3

I’m sure everyone has seen the films so there’s no need for me to go over the stories – but the Toy Story 3 preview is pretty cool.

I’m really looking forward to going to see Toy Story 3, it’s a movie series both Jo and I love. Fingers crossed that we get to see a preview screening 😉 For now I am going to enjoy rewatching the original films – technically they may have aged – but the stories never get old.

If you haven’t seen Toy Story 1 or Toy Story 2 (what?) or you want to get them in HD then there are stacks of extras on the Blu-Ray discs and this is pretty much the ultimate collection. If you don’t have a Blu-Ray player then there is less on offer but they are still classic movies that I would recommend to anyone.

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  2. Toy Story is just as it sounds. The brief story, which doesn’t even reach 80 minutes, constantly moves along without trying to do too much. The humor is effective and so are the segments that thrive off of emotion. This is possible because the characters are likable.

    Aside from the human characters, which are more than adequate, the film pays attention to detail when it comes to the visuals. The look of the toys seem as if a toymaker designed them for the big screen. Not only that, but the functionality of the toys come into play for integral parts of the story, as well as some laughs.

    The characters wouldn’t be the same with inappropriate voices. Thankfully, Toy Story hits the nail right on the head with the cast choices. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen provide Woody and Buzz Lightyear respectively with memorable voices. The same can be said about the supporting cast.

    Toy Story is good clean fun for the whole family. “To infinity, and beyond!”

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