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  1. I think it was a great film and I could appreciate it for it’s technical beauty (working in vfx myself). To me, the story was decent, but the accuracy of the cg characters really brought it home

  2. I like CG movies. I admire the artists behind the movie, because I know how much work goes into it.
    I was working in a company that makes CG effects for TV commercials and learned a lot but later found out that this just isn’t for me.

  3. From what a friend of mine (an animator) has told me, it’s supposed to be equally impressive on a smaller, non-3D screen. I’d love to experience it as well, now that the film is still playing. I cannot imagine trying to get the same experience at home from a dvd.

  4. Ohh what i would do to see a 3D film again, there isn’t a place for 300 Miles from me that does 3D stuff.

    Looks like a great film, looks like i “will” need to wait and see it on DVD.

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