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300 + Paulo = Xerxes?

I went to see 300 at the Imax cinema in London recently and it is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I like powerful films and, whilst the story was a little thin, this film was VERY powerful.

Nobody goes to see a film like 300 for the story, but what there was of it was done more than well enough. For those who aren’t aware (and I’m late to the party so you must have read about it elsewhere) 300 covers the battle of Thermapolae in which 300 Spartans stood again the millions of the Persian army.

This film is pure popcorn fantasy – it’s wonderful to look at and, like Sin City before it, follows it’s source material, a comic book by Frank Miller, very closely. Also like Sin City the movie was filmed largely on Blue Screen with the sets added in via computer. This has enabled them to make the scenery and design fit the comics much closer. I must admit that, despite knowing about the computer art, I didn’t spend much time looking at the set’s because there was so much other stuff going on.

This is not a film for girls – there is no way my girlfriend would ever watch this. I went with people from work – we invited the females in the office but they turned us down – and I suspect they made the right choice. It’s strange that a film consisting almost entirely of muscle bound men in red leather thongs would be the manliest film in many years but somehow it works!

300 + Paulo = Xerxes? WTF dude?

Yeah… the heading.

Something I am surprised more hasn’t been made of is Xerxes. In the film he is a 12 foot tall (just guessing the height), slightly effeminate, black man, who thinks he’s a God.

In reality he’s a Brazillian actor named Rodrigo Santoro who is best known in England and America (he’s much better known in Brazil) for playing a rather unpopular character, Paulo, in the tv series Lost.

I’m not saying he was bad at all – in fact I didn’t find out until after the film, I just find it amazing that the producers would cast someone so different to the character they wanted to portray.

Anyway the film is most excellent, and anyone wanting to watch a popcorn action movie couldn’t go too wrong with it. Just remember that like a Yorkieit’s not for girls.

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  1. I didn’t like it. I think it’s because I went into the movie knowing more about the actual historical reference than the comic one. I was expecting a little bit of historical accuracy done up with Hollywood special effects.

    But I agree, if you take the movie as is; a comic come to life like Sin City, then you’re in for a treat.

    Am I the only one that thinks the virgin oracle was a bit over the top? I couldn’t stop laughing. LOL

  2. Yeah, perhaps it was a bit much, but also perhaps it was okay in the comic book, but didnt translate too well to screen.

    I knew that actor was in it when I went to see it, and I had just watched the LOST where Paulo dies the day before. I thought it was a good choice, as after reading about him, I don’t think Xerxes was a brute, more like a calcuating cruel man.

    Awesome movie, very powerful as you says: I should have seen it in the IMAX haha I think I might have been blown out of my seat

  3. Hm, well this girl loved it. 🙂

    I think what got me about the movie was that I saw it originally without knowing that they’d blue screened most of it, but I pretty much accepted that the scenery was “real” for the most part; maybe that’s a sign that I play too many video games, but I think it says something about the quality of the CG too. Thinking back on it now, I can definitely recognize that many of the scenes were CG, but they were so well done that I didn’t question it at all upon first viewing.

    I wish I could have seen it in IMAX; I’m sure that was incredible. /envy

  4. Jena – there was bound to be one 🙂 Seeing it at the Imax was totally worthwhile, I would recommend the Imax to anyone (including girls 😉 )

    Plankton – the Oracle was a bit much yes 🙂

    Luke – I thought Paulo did really well as Xerxes, I just thought it was an unusual choice of actor.

  5. I as well really liked the movie. I went to see it with friends from out of town and there were plenty of women (girls) seeing the movie. Favorite parts: half-naked men, horses and battlesceens!

    Can’t wait to buy it on DVD!

  6. “It’s strange that a film consisting almost entirely of muscle bound men in red leather thongs would be the manliest film in many years but somehow it works!” – Heheh, good point.
    I think I might have to go see it, I’ve heard pretty positive things from lots of different places.

  7. I agree, the movie was great! The CG was so well done that I didn’t pay much attention to it. I feel it gave the movie an artistic quality. I watch Lost regularly but I had no idea that Paolo was Xerxes??? I had to double check it on IMBD to make sure you meant Paolo from Lost. He’s a much better actor than I’ve given him credit for! The make up and acting was so believable that I would never have picked up on this if I hadn’t read it here!

  8. ooooooooooooooooooo it’s certainly a film for girls, i didn’t know truly sexist people would post on the net, what gives? Loads of gorgeous men, loads of gorgeous accents, very little clothing, totally a movie for girls.

  9. The “not for girls” comment was meant as a light hearted thing. I based my opinion entirely upon the fact that none of the females I know wanted to see the movie.

    I appreciate that there are girls who would want to see the film but I didn’t realise those same girls would come to my website and start swearing at me.

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