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The Simpsons Movie

I saw the Simpsons movie recently and I must say – I enjoyed it. A lot.

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Going in to it I was concerned that it would be like watching three episodes back to back, and I had seen some reviews on tv where they said it was just that, but once the credits started to roll I felt I had watched a fully fledged movie – and an enjoyable one at that.

The basic premise of the story is clearly inspired by the tv series. In short the story is… Homer does something disastrously wrong… then fixes it.

Along the way you bump into all the major (and many minor) characters from the last 20 years of cartoons, and you even get to find out where Springfield is located… kinda.

I liked the way the story started off like a normal episode and then grew to a full-fledged narrative of its own – the 90 minutes flew by and I loved every minute.

The film itself is a culmination of 20 years work, showing a level of polish you don’t often see in tv shows (albeit tv shows turned into movies), there were even a number of 3d elements that I thought blended in really nicely. The jokes aren’t as fast paced as a tv episode but having to fill 90 minutes with jokes at a similar rate would likely wear everyone down.

If you’re a Simpsons fan this is definitely one to go and see – although if you’re of a nervous disposition you should watch out for the gratuitous nudity early in the story!

BTW part of the promotion for the film in the UK involved painting a giant Homer on a hill next to a giant chalk fertility symbolcheck it out on the bbc 🙂 – it made me laugh.

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  1. The “gratuitous nudity” scene really shocked me, but it worked. Guess the Simpsons are evolving. Eat my shorts, Family Guy and American Dad.

  2. I also haven’t seen the movie yet, but am definitely looking forward to it. Although it’s probably going to be a renter for me. My biggest concern was that it might end up being a bunch of gags rehashed from the series itself (like the Mr. Bean movies seem to be). From the sounds of it, however, they didn’t go that route, which is a really good thing.

    If you are interested in the location of Springfield, The Simpsons Archive has an interesting investigation brewin’–although, I don’t think they have included any evidence from the movie yet. (It looks like you can get your name on there if you contribute something 🙂

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  4. Somehow Gratuitous nudity on the Simpsons is always quite funny and innocent.

    I’ve heard a few people recommend the film so will hopefully be checking it out soon.

  5. haha! that fertility symbol promo is hilarious. i’m a cartoon nut and a simpson’s fan from way back so i had to see it on the big screen. on the whole i thought it okay, but you know that line early in the movie where homer calls the audience suckers for paying for something they could see free on tv? i kinda felt like that.

    it was okaaayy … but i think 90 minutes might just be too much for groening to handle. i didn’t think it a triumph like the south park movie. but i enjoyed seeing all the characters, old and new, and i quite enjoyed the gratuitous nudity 😀

  6. I stopped watching the series around ’99, but will always be loyal to seasons 4-9, aka the Conan O’Brien / John Swartzwelder years (incidentally just read a hilarious book by Swartzwelder). I have to agree, the movie really surpassed all expectations and felt much more like something from the aforementioned golden period.

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