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  1. This is an idea that I’d like to experiment with. However, I not much of a code jockey and can barely tell PHP from PSP. Where would you insert the above code in your template?


  2. Ian – thanks for pointing that out. I should have mentioned it :S I’ve updated the article above a little to try and help. Basically I only add these ads on the single posts, either in the single.php template or in index.php. I place the code in the “wordpress loop”.

    Does any of that make sense?

  3. That was enough info for me to sort it out. I tried it on one of my less active blogs and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

  4. This is the kind of things that makes everyone happy: your dedicated visitors, not seeing your ads, and you, making money from older posts.

  5. Chris – if you have a single.php template then stick it all in the loop in there. It will take care of everything else automatically – you certainly don’t need to do it per post.

    Copes – that’s the plan πŸ™‚

  6. Interesting, and I won’t pretend to fully understand it πŸ˜‰

    I understand what the loop is & where to insert code, but it reads like you do this on a post by post basis? Or have you just inserted this into single.php and once a post reaches a set age, the adsense drops in?

    Sorry if I’m being thick, I’m one of those dangerous people who knows a little about PHP, but only enough to break things!

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