My first Hookah (aka what I did in Estonia)



Last weekend I went to Estonia. I haven’t travelled much so it was nice to get away for once, and when work is paying for everything (thanks work, I really enjoyed it) – I’d be silly to say no.

A photo of Tallinn, Estonia

A photo of Tallinn, Estonia

A group photo

A group photo

A photo of most of the people who went – I’m the one with the glowing shoes (I didn’t realise they lit up like that!).

I’d love to say the holiday was full of culture and mental stimulation but we did the stereotypical 20 something males on holiday thing and spent most of the holiday either drunk or asleep. As a rule I don’t drink all that much but it’s nice to do something different once in a while – which brings me on to Hookahs…

Whilst out there I tried my first Hookah. It wasn’t something I had considered doing before, in fact if someone asked me if I wanted to try a Hookah I would have said no. But since everyone else was going to give it a go I figured I might as well join in. I must admit, like cigarettes, I can’t really see the point in Hookahs – they’re a waste of money and most likely not good for your health – but it was something different to try, and when I’m older I can tell my kids I used a Hookah.

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