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  1. I should follow this last tip more often. I’m kind of a perfectionist, haha. Also, that Bolsamiq Mock-ups software looks awesome, and since it’s built on Adobe Air, I could actually use it on my Mac! Now if only I weren’t completely broke…haha.

    Nice blog you’ve got here. πŸ™‚

  2. Another proof that the (design) people are almost similar. I recognise almost everything you described. Only one more problem: the client wants to have a design (or the whole website, actually) with very short deadlines. Therefore, there is lack of time to plan everything you mentioned.

  3. An analogy that I have always used with my clients is “Once the tiger is in the box we can poke it with a stick until it is tame”. It may not be very PC but I think it goes some way to explaining the difficulty that a web designer faces when trying to get a project off the ground. Too many people will fuss over minor tweaks before going live and this can lead to the never-ending projects that most of us have encountered. Once live, a website has at least a month to find its feet … so let’s get it on !


    Col πŸ™‚

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