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  1. Well, now you’ve made me curious as to whether I’m already included in your regular reader group, or if I can bring your tally up to four!

    As for running multiple blogs, I only write the one personal blog, and though I don’t post on it as frequently as I would sometimes like, often find myself considering branching out and authoring (an)other more theme-based site, else finding another site to write for. At the moment I only write when I feel like it, rather than actively looking for things to whet my appetite, and consider perhaps more focused blogging would help.

    However, I do administer a few blogs for other people already, and it must be said that when it comes to updates to WordPress, plugins, or else installing new themes and fixing bugs, having multiple blogs already seems like it can eat up large amounts of spare time.

  2. Fips – Yay! I have more than 3 readers πŸ™‚

    I had forgotten about administration – I have a couple of tricks for speeding things up but still that takes a lot of time too (I administer about 6/7 sites that run off of WordPress). I intend to write about how I update WordPress soon actually.

  3. Dont forget Im here πŸ™‚

    What is about people who run websites that make them want to make every minute of their day productive! Tis a curse!

    I used to run a few websites, all anime-based, including a forum and a blog, and I’ll be honest, being at school full time, it just burnt me out. You gotta look at the most important aspect of all your sites. and if you’re not happy with it, rethink it.

    For instance, on my site my posting has slowed down because, sort of like flips, I have to actively look for something to write about. But then I thought about it and as I’m leaving my job soon, my portfolio should really be the focus rather that the blog, so I’m going to rethink the side to accomodate this.

    The irony is, I just can’t bring myself to do it! Damn motivation.

  4. I read you blogs as well! – it must be a royal pain in the butt to update the content all the time. You can always buy the posts in i suppose ( yes bit of a cheat ).
    how do you keep yourself motivated to write posts?

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