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  2. Great post Ben,
    Buying websites is exciting and can be a great investment!
    I’m working on building a portfolio of money making websites right now.
    I bought both via Flippa and direct contact with webmasters
    Of course I did all the beginner mistakes and overpaid a few but now I’m getting a good grip on due diligence.

    About html5directory, you could try to monetize targeting the Web developer looking to advertise their html5 skills.
    Just an idea, but great domain indeed… Till html5 will be the standard default 🙂


  3. This is something I had a look at last year.I couldn’t make a red cent from it though.Hope you have better luck than me

  4. Great post Ben,
    This is something I have thought about as well. I like it much more than domain name flipping because you are actually adding value to the domain name instead of degrading it’s value with adverts.

  5. Good article, I’ve been looking at flippa.com just recently as well (came to it from looking at the domain name business) and it’s a nice idea to buy a site, improve it and then sell it on, but I think in practice that’s very hard to do for lots of reasons.

    First is that most of the prices of the sites on flippa are beyond a joke, there are sites on there with no traffic, no income, basically just a wordpress installation and a domain name and they still want a small fortune. And if you do find a decent site which you could actually do something with (for example this one https://flippa.com/2921294-pr-5-iphone-app-site-with-23-000-uniques-mo-making-500-mo ), then of course about a 1000 other people realise the same thing and they all bid for it, these other people are usually experts in this area and already have lots of money to spend, therefore pricing you out of the situation anyway.

    2nd, is getting traffic to anything these days is incredibly difficult, unless (and I’ll get to this in a bit) you already have an established network that can push traffic in one direction or another. The web is full of great sites and great content but nobody ever knows about it, because traffic = money (usually), and user acquisition is not cheap.

    3rd, and this is the biggest issue I have with the flippa concept, what’s stopping someone from using a network that they already own sending lots of traffic to a site, to bump up it’s visitor count, you then buy the site, the traffic get’s re-directed and you end up with a site that has no income again. Yes you can perhaps get as much data about the sites traffic as possible but I still think this is a danger.

    So I would say Flippa is great if you a) have money to throw away and don’t mind a gamble, or b) are an expert in promotional techniques and already have a network to drive traffic to the new site c) Genuinely want to spend years on a specific site idea that you want to invest all your time/energy into to build into something, but that to me goes against the whole buy/sell websites idea, which is a quick(ish) turn around.

    Otherwise it’s probably best to resist joining in the fun.

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